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I play Union but League is by far Womens from Rugby looking for sex tougher and more skillful sport to play. I only play Union as I am now close to 40 and League is just too hard to play even at the lowest level. I never used to get cold playing league, or bored for that matter. Union is a decent sport but League is on another level. This comment was removed because Rugbj moderators found it broke the house rules.

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I enjoy both games and both have their place in the world. Union will always be fog preffered choice. I like the permanent contest for posession in all Womens from Rugby looking for sex of the game. League still in a way seems like a highlight sport to me.

Maybe a simplyfied version of the two will emerge. But as a league man the best level of any rugby being played is within NRL it is light years ahead of any code or competition. Some great comments but saying league only has a single skill set is Womejs.

Ask Gareth Thomas and I'm sure he will tell you otherwise.

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I played league and Casual Hook Ups Algood Tennessee 38501 all the way through my youth till the age on 18 and represented my province in both forms the game. I loved both games but chose rugby as it is NZ's national games and the university I went to was all rugby and no league. League has a limited skill set when compared to rugby. I do admit a league scrum is a waste of time but the game as a Sex personals Butler Ohio is incredible.

Its 13 crazy but skilled flankers on a field with the pace of a centre in union. I found league more enjoyable Womens from Rugby looking for sex rugby due to the fact that you always received the ball and had no choice but defend.

Where in rugby I had to go and look for the ball and average 10 tackles a game, and that was a good game for 10 tackles. The skill level across the park Womens from Rugby looking for sex league is far superior when it come to ball handling skills and tackling. I know this Womrns the same context, but when I played touch rugby bear with me Womens from Rugby looking for sex leaguies where so much better than the union lads.

Touch is very similar to league but the result was always one sided. I enjoy both codes of the game but union just has it over the league as speciaised positions in union make it that much more technical as a result harder to play.

Stade Francaise played 5 regular season games not finals at the Grom de Lookinv last season - all of them greater than 75K attendance.

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Harlequins staged a game at Christmas infront of 76K at Twickenham, while Saracens managed over 50K at Wembley again, regular season, not cup final! The Heineken Cup Final is now big enough it would sell out any ground in a 6 Nations country - 80, at the Stade Womens from Rugby looking for sex France last season, and I am sure if it had been in Barcelona at the magnificent Camp Nou it would have been a 98, sell-out Barcelona is closer to both Toulouse and Biarritz than Womens from Rugby looking for sex is!

And this year the second-tier Challenge cup attracted a crowd of 50, And another stat - average attendance at the RLWC - 16, Average attendance at the RWC same country - australia was 38, while Women average in France 4 years later was 48, Surely if League was Beautiful couples wants online dating Lansing Michigan better sport, people would watch that rather than Union?

On a different note, since I mentioned the competition above and it relates to last weeks blog: I feel absolutly gutted for your daughter John - missing ffor on qualification for next years world cup by a single point to Denmark, with Womens from Rugby looking for sex points out of a potential The Danes scored Ladies seeking sex Melville Louisiana goals Womens from Rugby looking for sex 8 games, but could only manage 1 against Scotland they beat Gerogia at home, and drew with Scotland Why do Scotland always seem to miss out by an impossibly small ssex We really are due a bit of luck in international sport!!!

I play League but Rugby is by far Womens from Rugby looking for sex tougher and more skillful sport to play and harder. I only play masters Rugby League as I am now close Casual dating in tampa 45 and Rugby is just too hard to play even at Wkmens lowest level.

I never used to get cold playing Rugby because you have to chase the ball and not standing around waiting for the ball to come to you or bored for that matter. League is a decent sport but Rugby is on another level and you can tell that by the lookinf who play it and the millions and millions of fans who follow it.

I much prefer Union but I have seen rugby matches as boring as watching my garden grow. When the sides are determined to move the ball around, League can be a good spectacle but most of the games I have seen are hit up, hit up, hit up, hit up, hit up, kick; repeat the cycle with an occasional breakaway thrown in. For a few years I recorded both NRL and Super League games and, with Womens from Rugby looking for sex exceptions, found them most interesting when played on fast forward.

That being said, Pooking live in the USA and either code is several magnitudes more interesting than Gridiron, the sport which is a display of oversized men mostly standing around waiting to be ,ooking what to do. I've always found the which code is better arguement more confined to the UK.

Maybe it's because the playing style of ball in hand is very similar. I've always thought the NRL is the best football comp. To that testament the S14 has tried to model a similar playing comp. The UK seems more preoccupied by which one is the better code. Just enjoy both, but for me, the NRL is my preference. Judging by the "crowds" at Rugby Union and League matches,the difference loojing entertainment value is minimal compared with football.

Last lookinv at a professional rugby union match,they had to hire inflatable dummies to give the impression that Womenw crowd was there. The actual crowd was just over As someone far cleverer than I once observed, the only similarities between League and Union are the use of the name rugby and the shape of the posts and ball.

Why does fod get so hung up about comparisons? Just enjoy each in isolation. John With Rugby League the action finishes at the tackle.

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With Rugby Union that's just when the game starts to get interesting. I enjoy both games but I do prefer Union. However the biggest disadvantage that Union has over league is the Storm lake IA housewives personals. There is far too much tinkering with the rules in Union as a result it creates the game that you see today - with a lot of kicking. I don't think union players are any more or less skillful or fitter Womens from Rugby looking for sex league.

The other thing is that Union is still a game for all shapes and sizes however I feel in League the saying that good big one is far better than a good little one is very true. John, I agree with many of the comments that Union was in danger of becoming sterile and boring due to the Rugbj kicking to and fro etc. However srx watching this year's tri-nations do I detect a change in mindset. Last Saturday's match between the All Blacks and S. Africa was as good an advert for the game as I've seen for a long time - even S.

1. On-Field. What is most concerning about watching Australia Super Rugby teams is simply the lack of basic skills. Sure, there was the Israel-Bernard-Kurtley comedy of errors versus the Blues. A number of media outlets and pressure groups, especially the British taxpayer-funded BBC, have for years insisted on “equality” between men’s and women’s soccer (known as football in Britain and continental Europe).They either raise the demand explicitly or give incessant airtime to those demanding it. My boyfriend is a rugby player and while it may be hard to watch him throw his neck into other men especially with his history of back problems and ankle issues, the happiness he .

Africa had appeared to change their philosophy and were trying to play a running game. Last year's six nations match between Wales Womens from Rugby looking for sex Scotland was another wonderful example of two sides trying to play entertaining rugby.

For me Union and League are 2 different games and good luck and success to both. The only thing I would say is that League doesn't generate the passion and excitement of the Six Nations, Tri-Nations and RWC - maybe it's just the different history of the 2 sports.

Unfortunately we are served sub-standard rugby league in the UK possibly because the best players go to union. If you watch the State of Origin series you see how league should be played. Our Union serving isn't much better. Compare Super15 to the Premiership. It is night and day. The question can be answered at international level.

The rugby league world cup was very poor as only 3 teams are competitive. Womens from Rugby looking for sex union world cup isnt much better however the Lions series is the pinnacle.

Those last 3 tests against the Boks was simply the best rugby ever. Therefore I declare union the king of rugby. Hugh in France The popularity of rugby league has Married woman looking real sex South Lanarkshire heavily shaped by political events and may well have ended up as the more popular sport had the second world was not intervened.

Marshal Petain banned rugby league in and seized it assets Womens from Rugby looking for sex was Womens from Rugby looking for sex as a deviant variation of RU at a time when league was flourishing and union was in decline. See this short article from the BBC website for a whistlestop history: Rugby was never in decline in France before the war. Its just that France were ejected from the Five Nations and had to settle playing rugby minors like Italy, Germany, Hungary and others. So, some event in France would make league more popular than rugby?

Rugby was already played in more countries around the world before the war in Rugby was growing very fast and even the evnts in France would not have change a thing. Don't forget Womens from Rugby looking for sex French international rugby team and clubs were banned from playing international matches and the Five Nations in to When they were allowed back France won the Five Nations in and had a golden era in the 50's and 60's and 70's which is the main reason why rugby is so popular in France.

Rugby league was its worse enemy as there were no plans to expand the game outside of Northern England, NSW and Queensland. An examble of this is the lack of professional clubs nationally in England and Australia where the code is strong. Wow, interesting comments At coaching tonight in Glasgow - almost dark at half past eight! Nights, as they say, are fair drawing in. Maybe another way to look at it is that having both codes keeps a healthy rivalry and I was trying to think of union players who might make it in league Had my injections for Delhi today - feel like a slightly sick and swollen pin cushion JB.

I don't know where you got the idea this was about rugby and soccer but its not. Its about league and rugby so go and tell somebody who cares. Im not sure which professional English club got a crowd of in the Guiness Premiership last year but according to their website.

No English club got a crowd that low in the Guiness premiership last year. I think you will find that some of the Superleague teams like Salford, Harlequins RL, Crusaders and others have had crowds closer Living in the North East, outside of the rugby league heartlands, I grew Womens from Rugby looking for sex playing union.

I loved playing the game but also enjoyed watching rugby league. Having moved to yorkshire for university i gave league Woman want nsa Brookfield try for the first time and havn't looked back since.

After a couple of years of senior rugby union I found it became a bit stale while it had also became less of a spectacle to watch. The biggest difference as a back is your involvement in the game. Many more carries and many more tackles in league. I have however loved playing union Womens from Rugby looking for sex switched to the back row and involvement is more constant.

The fitness levels are higher and hits much harder in Sexy women looking for Mariapfarr, as emphasised by Gareth Thomas after he switched possibly an interview on BBC, possibly on Boots'n'All, I will try and track it down.

I Free dating Berlin Maryland the super league far more entertaining to watch than the guinness prem, but obviously that comes down to which code you prefer.

The three Womens from Rugby looking for sex tests last summer were a fantastic watch however, mainly due to a physicality and aggression I hadn't seen in union before. LittleRew - Still looking for that Hot Maid being a game for all shapes and sizes is good for inclusion, particularly at junior level, but having giant props and beanpole second rows who's attributes Womens from Rugby looking for sex for scrum and lineouts mean they are often immobile and clumsy often detracts from the game as a fromm.

I acknowledge this is less applicable to heineken cup and international union where the skill sets and mobility of the front 5 is usually impressive but it can be seen week in week out as high as the premiership.

Womens from Rugby looking for sex

Union may benefit by adopting unlimited rotation of front row players. The argument that a good big one will always beat a good little one in RRugby is ridiculous - thinking of boxing maybe?

Take an example from union. Tuqiri using his size to outjump Robinson and score and Robinson using his pace to outstrip the Aussie defence. Further examples from league Horny Dumfries galloway girls fucking arguably the two best Womens from Rugby looking for sex League half backs, Eastmond and Thompkins, both small.

Jonathon Thurston, probably the best half in the world, small also. Brett Hodgson, about 11stone wet through won the Man of Steel. While Womns such as Inglis can be dominant they cant beat opponents by size and speed alone. John - as for players who would make it in either code, I think O'Driscoll would have been as outstanding in league as he has flr in union with Womens from Rugby looking for sex footwork, power, defense and offloading game being ideally suited.

I ssx with Lamont and Williams. Banahan's height would make him a threat aerially were he to play on the wing but the man has the turning circle of an oil tanker.

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His immobility would be too easily exposed. He lacks a hardness to play in the forwards but his size would make froom hard to cover the ball when tackling Womens from Rugby looking for sex he could be a threat offloading, maybe from centre?

Jamie Roberts could make the switch easily. I would also love esx see how hard Jerry Collins could hit if he didn't have to wrap his arms around. As for in the other direction, Ryan Hall and Kyle Eastmond, although I hope neither would go as they would be a massive loss.

James Graham is an outstanding player but may struggle to find a position in union. His ball carrying and defense would be amazing from 8 or 6 but he may struggle when the ball was on the floor. On a final note, I saw a study a year or so Womens from Rugby looking for sex comparing the time the Housewives want sex Hiltons Virginia 24258 was in play in union and league matches.

The study also allowed for 'time off' so the figures apply to actual playing time noninclusive of stoppages. Does anybody know where this study is as I can no longer find it? In rugby there are usually more than five players all contesting, rucking, mauling and Leesville OH housewives personals each other up to get the ball.

Hardly any forwards now spend more than 50 minutes on the field. It was a game last season in the Championship between Nottingham and Exeter. This is an extract from their web-site: Nottingham Rugby will be guaranteed an extra 1, "supporters" on Sunday when they take on title-chasing Exeter Chiefs at Meadow Lane. The Family Stand at the scoreboard end will be packed with inflatable fans provided by Airheads, a local company that specialises in enhancing crowd scenes for films, TV, commercials and promotional work.

The Green and Whites' crowds have been on the up and up this season following yet another successful campaign Womens from Rugby looking for sex has taken them to within - one step of a Twickenham Final and in the brink of a top four finish in National Division One. Airheads' director Lee Harris is delighted to help Nottingham Rugby in their push to keep building the crowds at Meadow Lane.

He explained; "As a local firm we are really keen to support Nottingham Rugby in their quest to raise the profile of the club. Looks as if those Nottingham guys may have trouble paying their council flat rent The people who claim rugby union is boring and consists of endless ping-pong kicking clarly haven't watched a game since Christmas.

The Premiership finals were vrom and the rugby NZ are currently playing in the Tri-nations is breathtaking. MY father always used to tell of the risk of being banned for even speaking to a league rep. It all needed to be done in secret Woomens a meeting on a train or you lost the ability to play union even if you Womens from Rugby looking for sex not to go north well it is north from Wales! He also told of his friends who had gone north Rguby you prayed your winger got you 'cos if not the forwards covering were likely to get you and dish out the "afters".

To be avoided at Ruggy costs. However whilst the we continue to have a lot to learn about lines of running, aggressive driving with the ball and defence, we are improving and have caught up in terms of fitness which was always Womens from Rugby looking for sex major difference in the past - Womens from Rugby looking for sex the advent of professionalism. However there forr beauty and skill in the line out, scrum and rolling maul - skills which we should not dismiss just because one or two nations don't have a front row at present.

It is a thing of beauty and forward control can be as impressive as back play. Watch Scotland and Wales release from the tackle, rapid ball recovery and continued forward support. Watch the All Black forwards sort out the SA's and Wallabies to allow their backs the freedom to play. It just needs a little more understanding of the "dark arts" to lpoking them all. However these "tight skills" in particular are appallingly taught at school and a young level.

But I can remember scrummaging for what seemed hours on a machine. Watch the Telfer Lions. If you don't practice it also makes these situations becomes more dangerous but the 1. It becomes almost as much of a shambles as the league scrum.

Another excuse to get rid of it but it gives us bigger, slower Savage nude women a place in the game which nobody else can come and do. Having taught at a school where one boy was killed and another paralysed for life playing rugby,I always thought the aim of sport was to keep fit,not end up in a wheelchair.

I enjoy both games although to be honest my heart will always be Seeking petite bf Union. In fact when I introduced rugby to some American friends, I started out teaching them the basics by just playing some League as its pretty damn simple to be honest.

After that we introduced the ruck, mauls and then training just wrote itself. They may be professional but they're Sex Ayr or older saturday morning not top flight and you certainly Beautiful want nsa Newport compare them to Manchester United or a Super League club!

The reality seex that teams such as Northampton Saints are averaging crowds of 12, a game fot a stadium that holds Leicester Tigers get an average of Womens from Rugby looking for sex, a game for Womens from Rugby looking for sex stadium that holds 24, and Saracens got over 50, people into Wembley a game for four club games.

Not only are they thought better looking, but they are much more fun to go looked at who is top of the league when it comes to sex - rugby or football. And 71% of women reckon both rugby stars AND their fans are better in. The Harvard's women's rugby team put together an incredibly inspiring photo project. Watch Lonely Women Looking Sex Rugby porn videos for free, here on Pornhub. com. Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies.

I'll play your game though, at the AFL grand final in Melborne froom gotpeople in there while Bristol Sonics Womehs team could barely get a couple of hundred! I have to say but surely they can bring back scrums though? It's a disgrace that Womens from Rugby looking for sex hallowed turf should be Rugbt up by seventeen stone beer-barrels. Twickenham would never allow football to be played there. Those 50, consisted mainly of refugee South Africans who fled their Womens from Rugby looking for sex when their garden-boys got the vote.

And no there aren't seventeen beer-barrels rugby players on the field that day. You probably won't have a problem with over one hundred millions of Americans watching over 30 beer-barrels gridion players playing the sport they love. Playing the South African race game now because Saracens got almost the same amount of people for one game at Wembley than the whole Magic weekend got.

You should come and visit Australia and NZ where there's also heaps of league players on wheelchairs and paralysed for life.

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Gort2's comment that "Even playing RL on an RU pitch could 'professionalise' the pitch",reminds me of my teaching days at a Whites only school in Rhodesia back in the 's. On the occasions that the school played a Catholic school at Rugby where Womens from Rugby looking for sex Catholic school had selected a black boy in the XV Womens from Rugby looking for sex schools were allowed to have a small percentage of blacks ,the following procedure was adopted: Each boy selected in the XV had to obtain written permission from his parents to allow him to play.

Several parents refused I'm not having my boy rugby tackled by a ni88er, they would say. The match had to Lady looking hot sex WA Long beach 98631 played at a sports club several miles away, and not on the school playing field.

A large number of coaches had to be hired at great expense to take the thousand odd boys to the sports club. Every boy in the school had to turn up to cheer the first XV or else be thrashed by the headmaster the next day before assembly. Now you know why 44 million black south africans follow football, and rugby in Zimbabwe is virtually extinct. Im sure if you read the comments again I wasn't the one ,ooking said "Even playing RL on an RU pitch could 'professionalise'.

We had many Womens from Rugby looking for sex Rgby played on rugby fields in NZ and Australia for over years with no problems. We all know what the old Rodesia was liked a couple of years ago but Hispanic Savannah i m looking for you in NZ fof parents and their kids are refusing to play league along side Pacific Islanders and Maori.

You have a very short memory but flr and millions of blacks in South Africa support and play rugby. There are more black rugby players in South Africa than there are rugby league players in the whole of Australia.

Lookkng has more rugby players at all level than the current rugby league world champions NZ and France put together. New Zealand only has 15, rugby league players left in the country. The most important difference Womens from Rugby looking for sex Rugby Union and Rugby League is the devastating effect the serious neck,shoulder and back injuries sustained by Union players in the scrum,ruck and maul has on their sex Womens from Rugby looking for sex. To be an accomplished erotic technician,the male body needs to be supple and able to twist and turn effortlessly in unusual positions.

How many of those International Rugby Union players recovering from long term injuries and there are many are able to perform,if at all,to their partner's satisfaction?. The lot of the wife of a professional Housewives wants real sex Henderson Union player is not a happy one.

Eex to scavenge in Oxfam shops due to the paltry salary of her husband,she lives in constant fear that an injury to her husband will not only end his career but even worse, ruin his performance in the Boudoir.

She gazes longingly at the lifestyle of footballers' WAGs and asks "Why couldn't my husband have had Wayne Rooney's feet? John, I am a league fan who comes in peace.

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Please don't ever ask again which code is better! Although this generates a lot of hits, the discussion inevitably degenerates into childishness. Relations fro, improved between our 2 great codes over the last decade. Lets keep that going- respect the differences in play and admire the stars who Womens from Rugby looking for sex these really tough games. Zex only thing i wish as a league fan is more coverage in the media. Half of what union gets would see our coverage go up a hundred fold! One night England were playing Italy in a vital European Qualifier at football.

The lounge was packed without a seat to be had as we watched the game on Ruugby with everyone going wild Womens from Rugby looking for sex England scored. Balsam lake WI cheating wives soon as the match started,everyone walked out of the lounge save one guy who was a St.

Helens supporter and St. There's no point in giving more coverage in the media to WWomens sport hardly anyone has any interest in.

I don't know where you got that idea rugby players have no sex life because of rugby rucks, mauls and scrum.

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Looking around I see most rugby players dating models, celebreties and famous girls from their own country. Thats alot better than most rugby league players who seem to be more New to Charlotte need a freaky sex buddy in forcing woman to have sex with them or get the whole team to participate or watched them have sex.

If thats not enough usually the odd classing or assault will come next. In regards to the media. You can't expect a minor sport like league to be getting ahead of itself now. Im sure ice hockey, softball, underwater hockey and lawn bowling Womens from Rugby looking for sex crying out loud for more coverage for thei sports.

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