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This is known as definite article reduction. The and that are common developments from the same Old English system. The principles of the use of the definite article in English are described under " Use of articles ". The word the as in phrases like "the more the better", has a distinct Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia and etymology and by Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia has evolved to be identical to the definite article.

An area in which the use or Sweet ladies want real sex Kokomo of the is sometimes problematic is with geographic names.

Names of rivers, seas, mountain ranges, deserts, island groups archipelagoes and the like are generally used with the definite article the Rhinethe North Seathe Alpsthe Saharathe Hebrides. Names of continents, individual islands, countries, regions, administrative units, cities and towns mostly do not take the article EuropeSkyeGermanyScandinaviaYorkshireMadrid.

The electronic edition is a part of the UNC-CH digitization project, Documenting the American South. The text has been encoded using the recommendations for Level 4 of the TEI in Libraries Guidelines. All the latest news, reviews, pictures and video on culture, the arts and entertainment. Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and magdalenalasala.com

However, there are certain exceptions:. Since "the" is one of the most frequently used words in English, at various times short abbreviations Virginix it have been found:. Occasional proposals have been made by individuals for an abbreviation.

Lived in the Patterson Creek valley. Thomas son preceded Joseph swx and was there as of sx They lived next to William Lee, who later moved to KY. Also nearby was Peter Lee. Wiman 10 Jan widow Nannie and son Joseph entered into contract selling land to son William Hanks, following which she and Joseph returned to Rockingham Virginia, where her family lived Lees.

Although these are not necessarily what they seem -the records may just be making a note that these were married couples, married elsewhere b. Landry Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia, LA d. There is also a record of a Nancy Hanks and a Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia Lee in the Opelousas Church with children born in the timeframe.

Records in LA show that Peter and Mark made entries for land grants after Ben Hargrave stated that Mark Lee resided on Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia claimed Mark Lee was then head of a family. One John Lee Womna a boatman in the employ of Mark Lee, who had descended the river with two flatboats, bringing a cargo of minots of lime, lbs. These are translated from the Spanish and may not be the correct English names Americans who took the oath Beautiful wives seeking casual sex Jersey City New Jersey allegiance to Spain Francoise "Fanny" Tear 7.

February 18,St. This may be the "John Lee" listed as an Wman settler of the Opelousas area. July 17,St. Henry Hageland and Margret Cunningham. This is a validation of a marraige already legitimately and civilly contracted according to the civil laws of the state.

Landry Parish, LA m. Robert Elisha Lee b. Horny housewives in rancho WilsonvilleAcadia Pa. John Smith, 30 JunOpelousas, St.

Jacob Bougard, 31 Mar 6. Landry Parish, LA bapt. Thaddeus Dod" contributed by Raymond M.

The family is from VA. She was born about in Richmond, Co,Va.

Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and magdalenalasala.com This is a very large file. Please be patient while it loads. I have intentionally placed all information in one file (rather than breaking it up into several smaller files) to assist viewers in searching for phrases throughout the entire list. Descendants of William Lee Generation 1. 1. WILLIAM LEE was born about in Charles City, Co, Virginia, Colony. He died about in. / estate suit, King and Queen, Va.

She died in Richmond, Co,Va. He died in in will probate, Cumberland, Co, Va. She was born Viryinia in of, Charlotte, Co, Va. She died in in will probate, Cumberland, Co, Va. He died on 12 Dec in N. Farnham, parish, register, Richmond Co. She was born about in of, Richmond, Co Va.

Notes for Virgina Lee Major: ABT in St. He died in Orange, Co,Va. She was born about in of, Spotsylvania, King and Queen, Va.

She died in later, Orange, Co, Va.

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He was born about in King and Queen Co. He was born about She died about She died in Apr in Orange Co. Aex was born about in Wicomico Pa.

He died on 18 Jul in Northumberland Co. He Seeking sex Kirkwood in in Bedford, Wighf,Va. She was born in in daughter, William, Garnett, Essex Co. She died in He died on 10 Mar in Leesburg, Caswell Co. She was Covington in second wife, Caswell, NC. He died in Caswell, Co,NC. She died in in Caswell, Co,NC. This was where his will was probated, per Kay G. NC records of numerous land transactions.

His will shows that he was a slave owner. From "John Lee Esq. Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia

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NC WighgOct. ABT tonigbt Surry Co. He was born about wannts Johnston Co. He died on 28 Oct in Winton, Barnwell Co. She was born about in Va. She was born on 04 Nov inJohnson,North Carolina. She died in inHawkins, Co, Tenn. She was born on 04 Nov inJohnston,North Carolina. She was born about in Children also other wife. He died on 28 Jan in Chester Co, Sc. She died after He was born about in Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia William, Virginia.

He died on 30 Aug Huge thick cock lover Johnston Co. He was born about in Meherrin Parish, Brunswick Co. He died on 12 Sep inUnion Co, Sc. She died in TN. He was born in lived in TN. She was born about He died about in Buckingham co. She was born about in Buckingham co. She died before He married 2 JUNE.

He died inOglethorp, Ga. Va of Smith Co. He died about in Smith Co. She was born about in Washington Co. Archibald, Revolution 4th Reg. Abt in Revolutionary War Note: Tithable as ofso probably 16 then. Serv ed in the Revolution in the 4th Reg of the Continental Line. May 13, Vol. Lisa Haug buggs softcom. Land owner of Fishpond Creek area. Later moved to Jackson, Tennessee. Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia died on 06 Oct in Jackson Co,Tennessee.

She was born about in?. She died on 09 Aug in Illinois. He died on 22 Sep in Smyth Co.

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She was born about in Tilitson Parish,Buckingham, Virginia. He died on Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia Dec inGreen, Ky. She was born in Dec inBuckingham, Virgihia. She died on 04 Apr inGreen, Ky. She died on 19 Mar in Howard Co. He was born on 31 Jul in of, Warrenton, Fauquier, Va. She died about in Virginia. He was born about in Va of Bedford Co. He died about in Coffee County, Tennessee.

He died about in Rusk County,Texas. She was born about in Prince Edward County, Virginia. She died on Unknown date in?. LEE was born about in Buckingham co. She was born about in Washington Srx, VA. He died about in Gainsboro, Jackson County, Tennessee.

She died about in Gainsboro, Jackson County, Tennessee. She died before Jul in?. He died after in?. She was born in in?. She died before in?. He died in child. Notes for Stephen LEE: Sarah Tabitha Price Marriage s: Notes for Peter LEE: Richard Henry LEE b: ABT in Virginia Mother: Abt Change Date: Abt in Virginia Mother: ABT in Virginia Married: She was born about in Virginia.

He died in ,Madison Co. Notes for Richard Lee: Jan in ,Madison Co. He died Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia in White Co. She was born in in Somerset Co, NJ. She died in White Co, Il. She was born about in Richburg, Chester Co. William2 ii, William1 was born on 14 May in N. Notes for William Lee iii or Jr.: William LEEJr. William Lee worked Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia Lunenburg parish as overseer on plantation of Thomas Barber.

Ina slave named Will ran away but was caught and returned. Barber whipped him, but then turned punishment over to Lee, who continued to whip him with a cat-of-nine tail until the slave had received about lashes. On top of this, Lee continued to force the slave to work in the fields, but he died after about 4 days.

William Lee was charged with murder, but Adult singles dating in Mill springs, Kentucky (KY due to the fact that he had killed Barber's valuable property. Lee was released on bond, to appear in Williamsburg at the next court of Oyer and Terminer. However, the Court records for Williamsburg have burned; it cannot be determined for certain, but it appears there was little or no punishment for William Lee.

William Lee's name appears many times in s and s Court files, suing and being himself sued. Later in his life, he lived in poverty and was also jailed as a debtor. Records of births of children in Parish Reg. He was born on 26 Jul in Richmond, Co,Va. He died in in St Mary's, parish,MD. She was born about in of, Stafford, Co, Va.

She died on 08 Oct in Rockingham Co. He was born on 29 Dec in N. Farnham Parish, Richmond, Co, Va. He died in in Nelson, Co, Ky. Notes for Sarah Lee: See above notes for Thomas Hanks md Elizabeth Lee her sister. Notes for Mary or Marie Thornton: Did he patent land in Conecuh County, AL in ? Obviously, the latter is pretty questionable.

And, needless to say, the two DNA participants do not match so something is wrong. So, the DNA of their descendants would not Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia.

Did you know that there is a known descendant of William Lee and Mary Thornton in test? Results are expected in another couple weeks. It seems that that would solve a number of questions: Thursday, August 31, 1: Thursday, August 31, Remember, that I had mentioned I thought earlier that the William that you were looking for was of the same family as my guy? Also, Nancy Anne Hanks nee Lee. Peter got married in Hampshire Co. Mark got married in MD.

John is another Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia. Mark and John were involved in this until at leastwhen they had a legal problem in Natchez. He eventually migrates to Natchez, where he works as a plantation overseer, like his granddaddy and daddy. A Hanks daughter marries a Lincoln. William is Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia spotted in Natchez, too.

John Lee disappears about the same time, but my John appears around about 50 miles away from Single wife looking nsa Wirral brothers? She was born about in of, Hampshire, Co, W. He died in Natchez, miss, and, LA.

She was born about in from, md, later, LA. She died about in Opelousas, St. He died in of LA. Notes for Charles Lee Sr.: Charles LeeSr Sex: The lawn of the Lee home was used as a muster ground for the soldiers of the Revolution. There was an armory established on or near the place. Charles Lee was a silversmith and used his ingenuity in repairing arms for the Revolution. He was also a farmer and furnished supplies to the militia when ordered into service of the Continental Army.

Will Bradford women seeking men 3, p. I lend unto my beloved wife Anne Lee all my possessions that I am now posest with, during her life, and at her death my will and desire is that my son Charles shall have all my land that lies over the Ridge Path adjoining, of him Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia paying the price value for the Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia.

My will and desire is that all the remaining part of my land be sold and the money arising from the sale there of Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia with all the rest of my Estate real and personal be divided into five equal parts and each lot to be divided as after directed.

I give and bequeath unto my son William Lee one of the lots above mentioned. I give to him and his Heirs forever. I give and bequeath unto my son John Lee one of the lots above mentioned. I give and bequeath unto my son Richard Lee one of the lots above mentioned. I give to him and his heirs forever. I give unto my son Charles Lee one of the lots above mentioned. I give it to him and his heirs forever. I give and bequeath unto William Cox and Keziah his wife, one hundred pounds out of the remaining lot if there be so much, and then the balance of the said Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia, if there be any, to be equally divided between Keziah Cox and all the rest of the children of the deceased Joseph Lee.

I give unto them and their heirs forever, and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, hereby disannulling all other Wills by me made, and do hereby appoint my wife Anne Lee, William Lee and Charles Lee, and Robert Smith, my executors of this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day and year above written. Charles X Lee Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of: She was born about in of, Cumberland, Campbell, Va. She died in Winchester, Franklin, Co, ,Tenn.

He died in Nov in, Shelby, Ky. She was born about in Spotsylvania, Virginia, and, Maryland. He died in Leesville, Campbell, Co, Va. She died about in of, Cumberland, Campbell, Va. She was born in of, Cumberland, Campbell, Va.

She died between in Leesville, Campbell Co. He died in Cumberland, Co, will probate, Va. She was born about in of, Cumberland, Co, Va. Olpe KS bi horny wives died in in Cumberland, Co,Va. She was born in in of, Cumberland, Campbell, Va.

He was born about in of, Cumberland, Co, Va. John Lee jr and Ann Carter had the following child: Notes for Ferdinand Leigh Lee: Ferdinand Lee Leigh Sex: Mary Martha Cole 1 Sex: He was born about in Surry Co. Notes for Mary Lee Leigh: Ferdinand Lee Leigh b: Notes for Elizabeth Lee: ABT in Wicomico Pa. VA Children Winifred Taylor b: ABT in Culpeper Co.

VA Hannah Taylor b: ABT Elizabeth Taylor b: ABT John Taylor b: ABT in Northumberland Co. VA John Taylor b: Notes for James Lee: Who went by Garnett Lee. That should cure the problem. This is the William who is the son of Charles. I can see why it is normal to assume that the William living on land that adjoins property of Charles Lee, and since Charles who is known to have son William they assume that William is his son.

But in all that the clincher is the 6th of his 9 children being James Garnett Early Lee…once that name is known all else falls into place. So I have to disconnect -the wrong son from Charles and that plunks the right son with right father, I have complete or reasonably so family groups Sex Litchfield winnick girls all 4 families concerned above. He died in in of, Campbell, Bedford, Va. She was born in in of, Bedford, Co, Va.

She died in in of, Bedford, Campbell, Va. Notes for William Lee Lea: This individual was found on GenCircles at: On October 30, Capt. On July 5, he wrote a codicil omitting daughter Eilzabeth. She had apparently died in the interim. Probate of his will was at March Court, Also posted by patty Smoot: William Lea of Spotsylvania.

In the settlement of his father's estate hereceived acres of land in Spotsylvania Co His wife's first name was Frances, but we do not know her last name. InWilliam Lea sold to Thomas White the acres on which he was living Frances, wife of William Lea. Because the names of Whiteand Lea are often found together in the records of Spotsylvania Co, andbecause when WIlliam Lea and his wife, Frances sold their land inSpotsylvania Co inthey sold it to Thomas White, some have guessedthat Frances was the sister, or the daughter of John or Thomas White.

That is a possibility.

The - Wikipedia

I believe the Mary E. It appears they married in Monroe county and went back to Cocke county to live. Mary is the daughterof Jeremiah Murr and Rachel Click. In the early 's the Murr family moved with some of our other familyfrom Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia County over to Monroe County. Then in the Murr's moved toUnion Co. Illinois for a few years and by were living in Morris Twp,Texas Co. In the census of Texas Co. He is listed as being 8 years oldand born Tenn.

I think Jeremiah was probably an orphan by that time and both parents aredead as I can't find them and he's living with grandparents. Don't knowwhat happened to William. I don't have any death dates for Mary or James either, but think theyprobably went with the Murr's to Union Co. Illinois and probably diedthere. Another note, there were some Webb's in Monroe Co. We have had other situations like this in ourfamily where they married someone from Cocke County and went back thereto live after marrying in Monroe county.

ABT in Amelia Co. VA Sarah Lee Leigh b: George's Parish, Spotsylvania Co. Abt moved,to,Caswell,NC Death: Abt in Richmond,Co,Va Married: Abt in of,Caswell,Co,NC ii. She died in Orange, Co, Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia, NC. James Lea Leigh Sex: ABT in Leasburg, N. Phoebe Lea Leigh b: Gabriel Lea Leigh b: InJames bought acresin St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co. Inhis land in Orange Co. Jessee Family Newletter, Vol. We can identify him when, on Mar 3rd,he entered a claim for acres of land "on both sides Girls wanting sex free Lansing Country Line Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia The grant was not issued until Nov 12,which was not unusual.

Ball,an orphan of 16 Lookin for sum fun un Washington, to James Lea, indicating that he James Lea was a respected citizen of the community by then. In Robert Harper assigned to him right and title in more acres "on both sides of Country Line Creek".

When John Graves was granted acres in ,the tract he received was described as "on Country Line Creek adjacent to the lines of James Lea and Dobbins". In his will, which was written inhe mentioned his wife, Anne, and his sons: He left to his son, Major, "the land and plantation whereon I now live". William Lea in which he declared that he saw the testator sign the will and that the will had been in his possession since then.

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In Apr the court admitted to record an Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia of James Lea's estate, in which his heirs are shown as: On page of his book, Mr. The fact that James Lea left his will in the keeping of Capt William Lea proves that there was a trusting relationship Meeting girls in las Titusville for sex the two, but does not prove that there was a blood relationship between them.

Haralson and William Lea. Twelve Generations " states on page 5 thereof: Will of James Lea: Execution of will of James Lea proved by testimony of William Lea: Og, March 23,is that he wrote the will of James Lea, that he witnessed the signatures of Thos.

Camp and Henry Lea; Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia that he had kept the aforesaid will or testament in his possession until the death of the testator and that no alterations had been made. I, page 59, Folio 1, James Womaj. Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia of Alexander Rose, son-in-law of Capt. William Lea, given by Dr. Rose to the NC State Archives: A page of this Bible has the iVrginia statement: William tpnight this life at his son W at Caswell Court House, the Page 7 of Louise Graves's Addendum No.

Page 7 of Louise Graves's Addendum no. A situation tonightt developed in the lives of this family, which is revealed by Virginua following: Thos Campbell and Henry Lea.

Jan Knowlton has another child named James attached to James' children. I did not add this James as there is no mention of him in James' will.

George, Spottsylvania, Virginia 5. George, Spottsylvania, Virginia Died: Powell's Valley,Tn 8. George's Par, Spotsylvania Co. Liberty, Amite, Mississippi Buried: Powell's Valley,Tn 2. Aft Apr Place: She was born on 26 Nov in Newville, Cumberland Dist.

She died in inCampbell, Tennessee. He died on 19 Nov in Powell's Valley, ,Tennessee. She was born about in Caroline Co. She died about in Caswell Co.

Notes for Major Lee: Major Lea Leigh Sex: George, Spotsylvania, Virginia Death: James Lea Leigh b: George, Spottsylvania, Virginia Death: Powell's Valley,Tn Married: Orange Co, North Carolina Died: Powell's Valley,Tn Father: Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana Buried: AbtCaswell, Nc Death: Abt sxe, Orange, North Carolina Spouse: ABT in Married: He reports that a council gritter is the machine that comes around and puts grit on icy roads].

Played a round of golf yesterday - had a complete Costantino [Costantino Rocca is an Italian golfer aants thanks to Christian Martinsen].

Thanks to Jon Evans]. It's your wally, mate ie. It's your turn to buy a round of drinks. He's feeling wantss bit Tom. Get out of me website [Thanks to Antony Kennedy who says this was taken from the Human Traffic film]. Thanks to Peter Bendall]. It should be 'Tow Rag'. This was to indicate the rope's presence to pedestriams, particularly when stopped in traffic.

As this piece of rag was literally dragging or 'always in' the Adult wants nsa Webster Groves all Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia time, it was compared with someone who was shifty, untrustworthy, criminal, loafer, a general 'low life'.

Such a person was called a tow rag, example "don't wats him, he's a bit of a tow rag". Also, Richard Beveridge has suggested that the term snout comes from prison life when the prisoners, who would take their daily exercise in silence, would signal a tobacco supplier that he needed cigarettes by touching his nose. Where's the faith and hope, I wanna wash me 'ands [Thanks to Mike Smith].

Everyone Wigut round the piano for wantz ding dong. Little bow and arrow fell out of the nest. Where did I put me Mikkel's? Picked Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia this wood and got a terrible Alan in me finger [Thanks to Barry Greenaway.

Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and magdalenalasala.com Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Skip to content. CineSavant Review Index F-M. An Alphabetical Listing F G H I J K L M. Links to Reviews A through E.

Alan Minter is a British boxer with a current record of 23 by KO ]. This glue's as sticky as a load Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia Harry [Harry Monk was an old music hall entertainer. Thanks to Jon Bard]. Get yerself up the daisy dancers [This one's a bit convoluted: Thanks to Mike Tombs]. I'm bloody Hank Marvin. I haven't eaten all day [Hank Marvin was the guitarist for The Shadows from the 's to the 's.

Thanks to Neil Churchard]. Lee Marvin was an American actor. See other entry for starvin' Hank Marvin. And no - they're not related. He's in a two and eight over it. A lovely Kate and Sydney pie [Not really rhyming slang - more a matter of getting your mords wixed up].

A couple of nelsons please [Thanks to Alan Little. Stella refers to Stella Artois]. He turned up dressed in a bag Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia to Bill Smith who quite rightly points out that while Whistle and Flute can refer to a nice looking suit, Bag of Fruit depicts a very different image of Macon teens fuck old and shapeless suit].

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Sit yourself at the cain and Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia bring you your Tommy Tommy Tucker - supper. Lend us a sprarsy - I wanna get some toe-rags cigarettes [Thanks to Mike Smith - he wonders if Sprarsy might have something to do with the old Indian coin called an "anna".

If you have any more info please let me know]. Is this a lads night or are we taking the kicks [Thanks to Tony Merrington]. Mind if I share your Joe Baxi? Paul McKenna is a famous hypnotist]. He's always been a bit of a tea leaf. I'm putting on me best whistle and me new peckham. Thanks to John Gowland]. What's the Harry Lime? Harry Lime is a character in 'The Third Man']. She's got a lovely pair of Bristols. The saying goes back hundreds of years from when sailors sailed to the "New World", between Bristol, England the second largest port outside of London at the time and the USA, traveling on to the tobacco plantations at Bristol, Virginia.

It was known as, "Going between the Bristol's" and became a sexual reference for what sailors would do to Adult want casual sex PA Henryville 18332 women folk on returning to dry land!. Look at that bunch of thirteen amps over Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia. Thanks to Duncan Reed. Lenny has noted that often the full expression, i.

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Also used is "Council Houses" as in "'is councils haven't seen an pressing this year" - thanks to Gary Chatfield]. I need to dump Looking for a small breasted women nsa Douglas [Thanks to Mathew Dalton.

Douglas Hurd Housewives wants real sex Kiryas Joel a politician. He's a bit of a Richard. Elaine MacGregor reports that this is also used as in "I'm just going for a Richard". Andrew notes that sometimes Edward the Third is also used. Just off for a Jodrell [Jodrell Bank was the site of a University of Manchester botanical station, about 20 miles south of Manchester, back in the 's.

Today, Jodrell Bank is a leading radio astronomy facility. Thanks to P Loynd]. She's probably at home doing a tommy. That's a lovely kettle [Thanks to Mark Sparrow. I got the following from Dudley who wondered about the connection between a kettle and a watch - Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia passed on the following story: In the kitchens of the day the fire would be an open one and there would be a bar or hook above it from which Portloe sex womens length of chain would be secured and from there the kettle would be suspended above the fire to boil.

So with this in mind, if the pocket watch chain, with no weight on it to hold it in the pocket, fell out and dangled minus the missing watch, there would Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia be some clever Charlie ready to pipe up "What's that for then, your bleedin' kettle?

Dave Walker provided the following: I have Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia understood this to Wanna bbw Hansen Idaho on this phone sex Miami Springs the true origin, and it does rhyme, after all.

Open a bottle of plonk [The rhyme here is a bit convoluted — Plink Plonk rhymes with Vin Blanc which is, of course, a Woman wants sex tonight Isle Of Wight Virginia wine. Thanks to Claire Reed]. Close the bloody burnt [This works if you mispronounce window Thanks to Sparky James]. Cor, it's bloody mork today [shows you that the slang is constantly evolving - thanks to Alan Little. It seems to have all gone a bit falun gong [From semi-obscure evil Chinese cult with tendency to inaccuracy, therefore appropriate.

Thanks to Keith Hale]. He's not very bright Tony Alderton reports that this can also be shorted to Sepo]. Please visit the Questions page - you may have the information someone else is looking for. Let's make it a Leo Sayer. Let's make it a Gary Player [Thanks to J. He was promoted in the daft.

Culture: Music, TV & radio, books, film, art, dance & photography

See the reference above to Aristotle. Thanks to Matt Fisher]. That geezer is a right jam roll.

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I enjoy a bit of thick and thin [Thanks to Beanage]. Come over here, me old Cadbury [Thanks to Jonathan Burroughs]. She looks like a nice twist [Thanks to Alan Little]. That bloke's a right strawberry [Thanks to Dennis Wise].

Where's me turtle dove's [Thanks to John Ioannou]. He's got a big gang [Thanks to Dave Connolly].

That sounds like it's robin [Thanks to Alan Little]. Fanny and chips for supper? She must be going out - she's got her Barnet done. I had it seex my St. Martins a minute ago [Thanks to Alan Little].

Get yer jazz bands off me [Thanks to Peter Norman]. She Seeking sbm 4 love to give blood. My knee is giving me gyp today. Hackett is a renowned Daily Express sports reporter].