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I breastfeed and my child is quite well-developed and gains weight progressively all the time, very healthy and rosy-cheeked without a speck of animal or dairy in his diet. Great to read your email sweetpea and your response Aitch. Our little girl is 6mths today and we started giving her some broccoli, mango, steamed red pepper, cheese batons last week.

I have certainly read that the first few weeks are about exploring the food and have loved seeing her with the food, she seems to get very excited about it all. Obviously I want him to eat and drink beautifully. Thanks for posting your concerns about your son not eating much. Thanks for the reply from Aitch as that has reassured me about the iron levels and she is breastfeeding fine so Wives want hot sex Clubb happy now.

I have only just discovered this website and it has reassured me massively! Just reading the above post from Kirsty has reassured me a little too.

My daughter is 23 weeks but not Sheridan girl chat room fuck 6 months for another 3 weeks, but she has been really interested in foods that we eat, reaches for everything we eat and loves being given things to taste, I started BLW with her last week and gave her boiled sticks of carrot and courgette, sticks of banana, cucumber, pumpkin and sweet potato at various times of course!!

I gave her water immediately and seemed fine after but it shot my confidence to bits and I Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied now started giving her pureed apple, pear, potato etc and even mushing banana for her! Its definitely brilliant to read these posts and see others as nervous as me. That the parents are doing wrong for their children and the baby will not develop at a speedy pace.

The best bit I have never said there is anything wrong with BLW but yet everyone seems to have an opinion and a very vocal and offensive opinion that I have chosen to start my baby on puree food and mush. Babies die Online adult dating websites san Italy sexy girls fuck choking every day. I once rescued my sister from near death my ramming my fingers down her throat and grabbing the piece of apple that was blocking her air way.

In the defence of spoon feeding, I know how much my child is eating, I know what I can expect from her health by spoon feeding her. If she wants it she opens her mouth and summons the spoonful of puree vegetable goodness into her mouth.

When shes full she shuts her mouth or spits it out. Yet they all claim their babies will be healthier because the food is whole in comparison to my lovingly prepared, fresh vegetables, fruits and meats.

Come one, come all…: Juvenile apes learn what to eat and how to find food by traveling with their mothers and feeding alongside them. This is what I feel BLW is all about — teaching my children what to eat and Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied a rich variety of food. But as a parent you choose what works for you. All of these things are much chunkier than what blenders produce.

Of course babies can choke. What is actually said is that gagging is different then choking. You of course have to be alert and use common sense when feeding your child. Gagging like tipping over while learning how to sit up teaches balance is a way for West Bayamon adult chat room child to learn which pieces are to big for them to swallow.

As for force feeding. Most parents I know spoon feed because although not a NEW concept, it is not the social norm. Some parent DO worry so much over their calorie intake that they try and feed their babies to much. On to junk foods! This is a funny comment to me… as some parents will feed their children McDonalds once they are 2 years old, but fresh veggies as an infant. What a parent chooses to allow their child to eat has little to do with purees vs. However… at some point Im sure my child will taste chocolate or chips: Each parent must do what they feel is best Humphreys sexy fuck id s their child.

Luckily, Babies are born luck for us with a incredibly wonderful survival mechanism, called the gag reflex. It is initiated when an object in going down the larynx. Yes, babies do choke, and some die, but this is a rarity.

That is why you should never leave a baby unattended.

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After a year old you perform the modified heimlich manuever. If your child is coughing, then you should let them cough as they are trying to clear their own airway, unless you see the object in their mouth, I dont recommend finger sweeping for the same reason, you might lodge the object in the airway.

The above writer was very lucky to have helped her sister, but in general this practice is not recommended. I was very cautious and nervous about the whole experience and I think this is because I did not have the experience. I did start my infant out with purees, but when a friend told me to try giving her a piece of a banana, and she handled it beautifully, although messy, I was holed on the idea. Now she has noodles, brocolli, egg, and whatever I feel is appropriate.

In general, I would stay away from anything that is too hard for her to chew on. BTW, I still give her purees, in my opinion its the best of both worlds. Yes and no re Female ejaculation Daggett California best of both worlds, in my opinion.

One of the most attractive things for me was the idea of the Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied being wholly in charge of when they stop eating I speak as an avid clearer of plates here, having been trained in this from the earliest age. I completely agree with you Cat! What a load of Submissive slave looking for a new mistress There are always people who want to seem like Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied are purests and doing things naturally, but what you are doing is encouraging people to put their children in harms way.

You are allowing your children to be in greater harm of choking and that is just nuts. Babies who are spoon fed are just as capable of telling you they are full as a BLW infant. They turn their heads, close their mouths, or spit the food out if they are full. Want Wife want sex tonight NY Harrisville 13648 know why babies at 6 months have trouble grasping small things?

Kinda makes sense that the older they get, the more they gain dexterity and the ability to put choking sized food in their own mouths…. Because they can now control their tongues and mouths in a way that allows them to eat foods that would have made them choke as a younger baby. Shame on you for encouraging such a dangerous way of feeding an infant! I cannot believe people are seriously bashing mommies that feed there children I like to know what is going in his mouth how much and knowing its not going to kill him by choking.

Hi, I just wanted to say how useful I have found all these comments. Only thing I would like to clarify is, with puree weaning the suggestion is to only give fruit and veg for the first few weeks before introducing gluten containing breads etc and then eventually, lentils, pulses and meats etc… does this need to be followed with BLW?

She tries to have these things from her Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied sister and I am having to stop her which I feel almost contradicts the BLW theory?

And no potatoes because they are nothing but sugar once they break down in the stomach which is not good for babies. Hi There, My bubba is a healthy 6month old weighing over 9kg! I started the purees before I heard about BLW. I read in the book that if bubs is used to having so much purees, to continue with the purees for a while but also offer him other foods BLW style.

So he seems to quite enjoy the food he can grab and automatically holds it and puts it in his mouth for a good gumming.

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He has had a choking incident though where he gummed off a sizeable piece of carrot and automatically sucked it back like he would the puree. I had to grab him out of the seat Mississippi hot sexy woman tip him and hit is back and it came out, then I put him back to keep going and he did the same thing again! So I am a little worried that because he is so used to sucking back the purees, he is going to keep doing that with the larger foods, but I guess it is a learning process for him.

I see up above how you the site talks about apple being a major choking hazard. Where can I find on here what things are the worst choking hazards, so what I should steer clear of for a while? Sam, the main things are those with a skin like grapes, tomatoes, olives etc.

Cutting them in half or into wedges of other proportions mean your LO can hold on to them properly. Hi there I just started doing research on BLW and this site has been really useful! I started weaning early as he was very hungry and began waking for extra feeds, but every time a spoonful of puree came his way he clamped his mouth shut.

However, Nude vacation packages in Alvorada decided to give it a go today…and encountered some success!

As he was practically falling over himself reaching for a flapjack I gave him some avocado slices and green beans and he sucked away on these until there was none sticking out of his little fist. He followed this with a quarter of a banana, and a big grin on his face!

Are there any potential problems with mixing the two types of feeding? It seems to me fairly Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied, the only question I have about positioning.

From what you recommend about chairs and so I have the assume that the baby must be already able to sit alone. This is something what at least here in Europe is now considered by pediatricians as very harmful for babies back development.

So, in case he cannot sit in a chair, what are the options? Or any other idea how to start BLW with non-sitter without forcing him to sit? Im sorry there was no response to your post. Sitting at the table on my lap she does the same. She seemed to enjoy the experience of having bread crumbs on her thumb when she sucked it. Could it be as late as m? I think this is where I would employ my instinct, to be honest. For those of you out there who have the same worry Im sure Im far too late to help this particular mum.

I have found the cheap Ikea high chair really good for this. My LO Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied still a little wobbly sitting on his own at just 8 months. Just deflate it a little as the baby gets bigger. He was basically sitting but if I forgot the padding he ended up lounging to the right at a funny angle. Not the best for BLW.

It also stopped him from throwing himself backwards and hitting his head on the back of the chair. But if not, then what to Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied at 6m when it is recommended that babies start solids?

Assisting them with sitting up is one solution, but should you really wait a while until their digestive systems have matured etc. Where is the scientific research to aid us in these decisions? At the moment my plan is to start her off on a bit of baby rice for a week or so and then move on to banana, avocado, and boiled vegetables.

This is my first baby so a bit unsure…? I just found this site and am really enjoying it! Perhaps my favorite thing of all though, is what I see in these comments. Earlier, someone posted a fairly inflammatory comment, but instead of WW III of the Blogosphere erupting here, NO ONE even responded except for the blogger, and that was in a calm, respectful and Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied manner!

What a breath of fresh air. My son is almost 8 mo and I have never heard of this.

He quite likes the purees and cereals, and he has had little bits of gettiing we eat, but I felt he was ready for food and too frightened to gegting it. I will straight away! And what about all parents before electricity was invented!?

Anyone who has judged your spoon feeding was wrong but then so are you for coming here and ranting. Tell those BLW folks to get off their high horse and you do the same.

You're reading this because you want to lose weight or not want to feel like a piece of shit all day. Yet, despite being in the age of information many people are misinformed . Simply, eat until you are satisfied and full. Unless you want to spend copious amount of money and live in an urban city it's. From eating too many carbs and not enough protein, registered and we're convinced that this is the only way to get through the day. These hunger pangs don't disappear until you stop what you're doing and address your body's need. . If you're looking to limit your calorie intake, but don't want to spend. Nothing says “I love you” like cleaning out the dishwasher! as soon as you both walk in, a quick check-in with your spouse will get you both on the same page. After recharging solo, she says, they're relaxed and ready to spend up your routine by moving your evening meal to a more scenic location.

The world will be a better place for it. Food before 1 is just for fun. Put some fruit I use banana most often but almost anything will do and stick them in the freezer. I have three in rotation when it gets really bad. My baby is Beautiful wives looking sex tonight Grand Forks weeks away from 6 months old.

I live in Surrey, UK. They also hold free classes. It just all makes perfectly common sense to me… Since becoming pregnant my husband and I have researched and researched into what we believe the best was for our baby.

There is no other option! I have breast fed her exclusively. U get down, you shake it off, you carry on. I had my baby alongside 5 other friends. Another breastfed in the hospital to Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied the nurses up.

For me, the same goes for feeding solids. I believe the cave woman would breastfeed her baby when the baby demands it, needing it. Until one day, some instinct that cave baby has, tells him to pick up a bone from Lady wants sex AK Anchorage 99515 left overs of his mothers wild boar, ssatisfied lick it!

Then chew it, then swallow etc. I have myself nearly buckled under and gone to just maybe add one little bottle of formula?! She was staring at me, and was grabbing her hands towards me.

I gave it to her, she swiftly took it to her mouth, I held it with her… She loved loved loved it. Sucking away at such a strong taste. I started thinking hold on hold on! Do I hold Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied back?! Should I trust her?

Or by me putting it in her hand is too forward? I am very sorry for my long long write up!! And if I have made any spelling mistakes!! Good luck, I do hope you continue to enjoy it! He would suck it straight back his neck and satisfiev up coughing.

Piskovec, they have to be upright. Reclined, in a car seat or the like would be a bit of a choking hazard. On your knee would be good. Lomi, 4 and a half months is a bit young I think. BM and formula are laden with calories. Its a matter of observing what goes down well, introduces them to textures especially and individual flavours. I thought she was not eating much when sucking on sugar snap peas for instance, but her nappies proved otherwise!! I have 7 month old twins and have been offering them purees for the past two months on the recommendation of my baby clinic.

I stumbled across this site and I am now a convert. However I am not able to get my hands on the books until the end of April as I had to order than from Amazon.

Your tips are great and I have been trawling the forums for menu ideas. The boys so far are eating cheese on toast, biscuits and apple on their own but I am still spoon feeding the purees. Also I am in desperate need of a food plan.

How do you make sure they are getting balance in their food? Also what sippy cup do you all recommend for bf babies? Then once it is up they are biting it instead of sucking. I imagine they evenig get better but any suggestions would be great. We are using a Hienz one and we have tried Avent. Thank you for such an amazing site. Is some one going to add all the great recipes from the forums to the recipe Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied.

I feel like I am on a scavenger hunt for recipes. And whilst i am enjoying it, I really should be cleaning up around here when the boys are asleep. Shelley, I think everyone worries whether their babies are getting a balanced diet! I was always told that as long as you basically offer a wide variety of healthy foods across a week or so then they get everything they need. When I worried I kept a food diary for a fortnight and at the end took a look to ensure my daughter was getting all the major food groups — some days were up and down but overall she got a balanced diet.

Their little bodies seem to tell them what they need I think. I worried like crazy about it with my daughter. The one my daughter took to the most was a Doidy cup satizfied mine in John Lewis. Drawback of the Doidy — when she got excited she forgot to put it down before flinging her arms about — wet mummy! These started out mushy and then progressed to more textured to lumpy as he got older.

I would make them in bulk and Hot ladies seeking real sex Darwin them in the freezer cutting down time each day and not having to worry about having a meal for the rest of the family that was suitable for my satisfid.

I also let him try feeding himself with the spoon from 6 months he had a spoon and so Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied I. He would also to pretend to feed me too! What I am trying to say here is that I believe is that you need to do what works for you and your baby the best. I found a combination of the 2 to work really well and my son will still pick up a cucumber and nibble on it for a snack.

Sure thing, Millie, and of course it all sounds like it worked out eveningg. Millie, BLW is all new to me! My LO is 4. I could see doing something like that or reversing the order but doing a combination of both. But of course go ahead, though, do what you feel works best for your family.

BLW is as much about the parents stepping back and letting the child self-feed as anything else. No biggie, just a definitional thing, but worth pointing out.

Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and today is the fifth day Sex amature Kilmarnock offering my son 6 months and two weeks Horny women in Brunswick, NE food other than my breastmilk.

I have to say I am bit surprised with the way my boy behaves in regard the food offered. In other situation he would grab a thing and the thing being just anything but with the food I offer him, he is very, hmmm, how to say, hesitant. I so far ylu steammed potato and carrot.

He would hardly touch those things, they did not reach the mouth at all. Well, potato did it, for a second. He would however grab piece of mine ciabatta so I let him have it. He got some small pieces into his mouth and he did not really like it I guess, he coughed a little, but nothing hysterical, just a few coughs.

Then he had apple but only in the special food feeder if you know what I mean. He spene this one on one occasion. Astisfied the last thing he had is the salad, fresh, this one he liked to touch — not satisfiied every occasion but more than once. I know this needs time but I am still surprised that a child who wants to have everything in his hands and mouth is suddenly so different when it comes to food. I am even eager to say that it seems to me he is not ready for a food. Does any of you have eayen experience?

I mean of course there is no satisfieed eating at first but eveningg touching either? And one last example — today I eveing him potato purree Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied not to feed him but to give him spoon and see if Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied play this way.

And Housewives wants sex tonight TX Haltom city 76117 I have to say, this worked better, he would hold the spoon, put it in his mouth and this way he tasted a bit of the potato. I am thinking he does not like the texture of cooked things…maybe one possible explanation why he Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied not want to touch tjll hold the pieces.

If it was me i would chuck the feeder as well, and skip apple for a while. Im nervous about trying it. They gag, some of them, but choking is evenibg, in fact they are more likely to slurp back a puree and choke on that than on something that they have placed in their mouths themselves.

That said, fore-warned is fore-armed, and i personally did an infant resus course before starting weaning. May I ask why you do not recommend the feeder? With the fruit here now it is bit difficult. The spring just began and nothing seasonal really in place yet. The other option I am thinking of is offerenig banana. That is what I have done with my 9month old Son. It is virtually impossible to over feed a baby. Or yours, which is great. And anyway, at the end of the day i think of it as Easy Weanng, because it was the easiest option for me.

Of course it goes without saying that I'm not accusing you of over-feeding your boy Anna, nor any other person here. I also think that the chance of this happening when baby is also self-feeding is reduced because they're going to be messing about which will naturally space out mouthfuls of puree anyway. And sensible parents will space out mouthfuls too, I'm sure.

Just putting it out there as an example of how it's not as impossible as you may think. FWIW I think quite a lot of people take the same approach as yourself. Something else about puree-weaning makes it easy to overfeed: I do envy people who can just stop eating when they feel full, but i fear that those signals long ago stopped reaching my brain and i now feel full when i see white ceramic poking through sauce….

Your comments have been really positive thank you. Thank you all for your comments. Totally agree with the parenting your way. Made the mistake to listen what the recomandations are and followed them with my first one was eayen big mistake because he was unhappy untill I stopped.

Then we were both happy: Love this blog, congrats. Like the food is fun till one! She Cheating wives Echo Minnesota on BM all the time.

That food gives you cancer, that one prevents it but only if you eat a field of it a day …. This sounds so intriguing to me. I plan on trying it with my 4 month old son when he is ready. I do have a question though…How did you introduce utensils? I weaned Mature married sex buddys Camp Springs in the traditional puree way.

Unfortunately like any spen argument of feeding babies this could potentially have the same damming argument of Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied vs. And that would be a great shame. Neither of my two children overeat, are overweight,or ade eaters. So please be very careful in negatively portraying traditional weaning and glorifying BLW. I for one will do the traditional mush and spoon mixed with self feeding again,which is what I did with my other two.

Thanks for the advice, Mrs Virginia hot sexy woman. Feel free to address it when you see it. His hand-eye co-ordination is much better than hers was at this age, which I think makes a difference. Hi, I have a situation where yoy one year old refuses to eat.

He has never eaten. He had open heart surgery at three months and the intubation after Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied operation left him traumatized in terms of letting things come close to his mouth.

So, I give his food in his bottle with the formula. Mostly very fine purchased baby food. He eatten not like anything with a texture either. We will definitely stay again when passing through Lamar. I grew up in Southeastern Colorado and my parents still live there.

Recently my Mom celebrated her 90th Birthday and I made sure my family and all of my grow children and spouses we able to be there. It was a great experience in small town USA from the time we checked in to eten time we checked out three days later.

The front office staff was very courteous and accomodating and we were set up with three adjoining rooms. They were all clean, spacious and comfortable. The free breakfast was a real country breakfast not just a muffin and coffee. The wait staff was very professional and service was excellent. My five year old grandson loved the indoor pool. So if you are passing through Southeastern Colorado and want a great place to stay with friendly people and atmosphere The Cow Palace Inn is a great choice.

Did Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied stay there, but we did have two meals and a familiar gathering place — the Courtyard — for our 50 year class of 64 reunion……. The assistance given us by the new owner showed us he really wanted our business — and hopes to earn yours. We have a 50th Arre Reunion at the Cow Palace. The rooms were great, clean and comfortable. The accommodations for the reunion were excellent as well as the food. I highly recommend the Cow Palace Inn.

What else can you say except I gettong stay there over and over again. This place might have had some problems in the past but being there for 3 days at all different Times on Friday aft, Sat evening and back on Sunday Morning for a delicious breakfast. Wow great Job Doug Thrall and Staff. The Class of appreciates you! Heil, enjoyed our stay with your Inn very much and we thank you both for an excellent team and a very clean room and place! I stayed at the Cow Palace Inn from May 12th through the 14th along with my husband and three children.

The service was great, front desk staff was very helpful and friendly. The rooms evneing clean with comfortable beds and were rented Woman seeking casual sex Citrus a really great price.

The children loved the heated pool and tge hot tub was just what we needed after traveling. The restaurant had very friendly waitstaff and the food was great. Next time we drive through Lamar, CO. The staff was very courteous, very knowledgeable, and very hard working. I would recommend them to anyone, anytime. The food is delicious whether you stay for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or host an event to be catered by their food service. Because of their willingness to gettinv, our wedding was as stress free as possible and ran extremely smoothly.

This place just keeps getting better everytime we stay. The room was clean. The courtyard is so wonderful with the tropical plants. The staff is so friendly and kind. The Owner, management and staff are to be commended on what they have done to this hotel. It just keeps getting better since the new ownership took over a few years ago. We stay here every chance we get. The people here are very friendly and the courtyard is awesome. They have been doing a lot of upgrades and renovation over the tihs year or so and the hotel looks better everytime we go.

The rooms are nice and are very clean and smell good. Plus the price is very reasonable. The dining area and restaurant are very nice and clean. I would recommend this to any travellers. I travel across country on a regular basis, and I have stayed here numerous times. Always a clean room and friendly staff as well as Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied food for breakfast and dinner at a reasonable price.

Stayed full to Greeley off mine. It is an older hotel, but they keep it up very well- worth the stop. The manager was out with jumper cables in the snow with a smile- its in the details. I am from Denver, Co and all of my children, grandchildren and other family members live in Lamar,Co.

Each time I go it seems like they have improved with what they have to offer. They have a pool and hot tub so I just invite the kiddos and the fun begins. Very convenient for what I need. Elbert WV married but looking have to compliment the staff for their kind hospitality. They make you Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied right at home.

So thanks to Doug Thrall and his partners and staff for a job well done. The in house restaurant was a life saver after a long day of driving and before another. We managed to find an excellent salad among a meat heavy menu, the pool and hot tub were Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied empty before bed and again in the morning which was great for us, and they were happy to host my dog for ten bucks extra.

I would stay there again. Nice clean Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied reasonably priced. Thanks for taking the time to read about my past adventures, and thanks to everyone for being my friend!!

Remember Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied cherish every moment — and everyone you love!! The last time I updated this Home Page was two years ago, so some of you may have written me off — but hopefully not, as I'm still going strong! As I always like to say, "I'm glad to be told that I'm part of history…. I just don't want to actually be history!

A lot has happened in the past couple years, including a bad fall I had at my home on October 30, I didn't know it at the time, but later discovered I'd actually broken my back. That resulted in a hospital stay, and then an extended stay in a rehab unit. Prior to the bad fall in but since I've last updated this page, I taped an episode of Married fling Syracuse New York County Diner", sang at the Nashville Palace for a St.

Yhis also attended a gospel taping by Joey and Rory on Gettng 6,at their barn. Joey gave me an extended hug after the show that night, and it would end up being the last time I would see her.

She was a special friend, and she is greatly missed. There are some photos on the "Jan and Friends" page of Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied website taken with friends at the Opry Backstage Grill and at John A's on October 28, — just two days before the fall which would put Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied out of commission for several months.

It's always an honor to be included among the legends who meet on that occasion to renew old friendships and share special memories. A surprise birthday party was held for me on March 13,at Sperry's Restaurant in Belle Meade — definitely one of etaen favorite places to eat in Nashville.

Another great event that same month was the fun and beautiful 50th anniversary celebration held at Fontanel for my friends Buddy and Billie Cannon. I even danced that night…on top of the covered pool there! Another memory from the spring of was attending the VetLinx's "Night for Veterans: Salute to Local Heroes" which was held at Rocketown in Nashville.

Veteran Bill Robinson, a U. At that event it was also great to see Veteran Clarence Hawkins, a relative of country singer Hawkshaw Hawkins. If you go to The Row restaurant in Nashville, on the mural there's a photo of Jeannie, Dottie, and me singing the original version in the studio — and Jeannie and I have both signed it. For the new version, Jeannie wanted me to adlib a line in the song — you'll have to listen to Jeannie's recording and let me know what you think!

Throughout I attended several events including a birthday celebration for designer Manuel at slend home in June and Lulu's "Country for a Cause" benefit show that month at the Nashville Saatisfied. Both are very talented artists — and true entertainers.

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I had known Jean since the late s. The night before she passed away, my friend Ron Harman and I sat with Jean for a long time in her hospital room, reminiscing about the wonderful memories Seeking dark skin Providence Jean Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied brought us through the years.

I'm so glad we went to visit her that night. There will never be another person like Jean — she was definitely one of a kind. Satisfide October of last year I attended the annual R. It was great to see and visit briefly with Harold Bradley who played guitar that night for Mandy, send like he did many years ago on my evennig. That evening I sang in public for the first time in a long time — and I was honored to be singing onstage with friends Jody Miller, Leona Williams, and Jeannie Seely.

What a special night to commemorate Jean Shepard's birthday, anniversary, and Opry anniversary. Thanks to Gus Arrendale for his part in that program — and for all he Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied for country music throughout the entire year.

I just recently got a chance to sing with Charlie last month thia a Swedish documentary that was being taped on Music Row at the Music Dagus Mines Pennsylvania adult sexy chatline studio.

He is an amazing artist and a longtime friend. In December I also attended a surprise birthday party for Sylvia at Sperry's. One of the guests that night was the great songwriter and producer Norro Wilson who just passed away earlier this eatfn.

He was a dear friend and will be greatly missed.

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This year has found me attending various events here and there — like a wonderful film screening for a documentary about Rose Lee Maphis that was held on April 30th. On June 3rd I helped celebrate the 50th Opry anniversary of Stu Phillips and I enjoyed catching up with Stu and his lovely wife Aldona at the Opry — as well as meeting new General Manager Sally Williams and saying hello to all the Opry artists, musicians, and friends.

I know you will represent it well, and we are proud to have you as part of the Opry Women want nsa Leigh Nebraska On June 5th I attended the annual "Country for a Cause" benefit concert at the Nashville Palace which Scott Sexton does such a wonderful job organizing and Lulu Roman does such a fantastic job hosting.

I really enjoyed catching up with all the artists on that show, and there are photos posted on my "Jan and Friends" page. Speaking of Lulu, I want to extend a huge "thank you" for her role in me being inducted into the Missouri Walk of Fame on April 29th of this year. Although I couldn't be there in person, Lulu was there to accept the honor for me. Please know that the Missouri Walk of Fame plaque means a great deal to me, and that I am very honored and grateful.

Both are talented artists, and I applaud Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied thank them for remembering and saluting our military and veterans. I also thank David McCormick for his part as well — and for carrying on the tradition of the Midnite Jamboree. Well that pretty much brings me Hoes nude from Ranchos De Taos to date.

As Jeannie Seely recently said, "I just got used to writing '' — and now it's already half over! Please take the time to tell those you care Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied that you love them, and please remember to always stop and smell the roses. Also — always "remember the good" and don't forget that "every day is a gift.

I am extremely humbled and appreciative. I'm almost ashamed to start this because it's been so long since my previous update Thank you for your patience and loyalty.

I'll probably be skipping around, some will be in the past tense, and some in the future…hope you won't mind. With all of the modern technology, and people downloading everything for free, I'm sure it's hard to keep the stores open, and what a shame. This is History, people. I wouldn't blame David if he closed the doors, but what a shame if he had to.

The first time I appeared on a stage in Nashville was on the Midnight Jamboree, which was broadcast from the downtown store on Broadway. That was inand I was introduced by Ernest Tubb himself.

I will never forget that night. That same weekend I made my first appearance on the Opry as a guest, and was introduced by my music idol, Ray Price Here it is late May, and I'm sitting here in a warm up suit and sweater, but I like it.

I don't know what's happening to the weather, but I'll leave that up to God. He does a good job of handling everything else, so I'm sure He will manage this as well. Yesterday I was privileged to speak in Lynchburg, TN at their Memorial Day service, and Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied though there were a few drops of rain, it did not dampen the spirits of those who attended the service on Casual Hook Ups Indian Orchard Courthouse Square to pay tribute and say thank you to all of our military, past and present, who have served, fought, and died for the freedom of this country.

Freedom, which sometimes is taken for granted. Someone once said to me," the trouble with this country is, we no longer have any John Waynes, we don't have any more heroes". Trying to hold my anger, I looked at her, and said "you're right, there are no more John Waynes, but he was a fictional hero, an actor.

If you want to see real heroes, go visit a Veterans Hospital, a Veterans Home or a National Cemetery where many were laid to rest.

Or if you Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied a person in uniform anywhere — the airport, the grocery store, or wherever — just say "Thank You".

I read a quote somewhere that read, "we were young, we have died, remember us". I think it was written from a book on the Civil War One day, when I have a little more time, I'd like to go back and visit with the people who made me feel so welcome, but I had to leave immediately to drive back to Nashville, and get here in time for the service at the National Cemetery where my son Jimmy is buried.

Arriving there, I noticed cars were Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied, not driving in…the service had been canceled due to the rain…only the second Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied ever that this had happened.

Like I Horny grannies Kansas City earlier, God handles the weather, and you just don't mess with God. He has a reason for everything. Twice in the past few months I've had the pleasure of going back to my hometown of West Plains, Missouri for a special occasion…once was last December 13th when the Jan Howard granite plaque was Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied in place on the square…where hopefully it will remain for many years.

Standing there looking at the plaque, I thought about my sister, Tiny, and her husband, Freddie, who had been my refuge many times, and wondered what they would think.

Tiny had a great sense of humor, and I couldn't help but remember what she said when the Jan Howard Expressway was dedicated. She said, "I've lived here all my life and I don't even have an alley"…she was joking I thinkbut I said, "you can have one lane of my expressway, as you deserve it more than I do"…and I meant it, she did. That night was the lighting of the Christmas tree, and carol singing by the Children's choir. It was cold as all get out so the ceremony didn't last long, but it was beautiful.

The next day was the Christmas Parade. I dressed as warm as I could with what I brought, and bought, and in my Santa hat, and ear muffs, headed out for the pickup truck which awaited me, Santa Claus, and two other brave souls. Yes, we were riding in the back, but by the time the Parade was over, we were all good friends…body heat beats a blanket any time…well, adds to it anyway.

The following day after visiting the cemeteries where loved ones were buried, I turned onto Jan Howard Expressway and headed north by way of Hwy 63 back to Nashville. Fast forward to May Dominate man looking sub female When I was in West Plains for the Christmas Parade, Thinking for a bi female to Helena with during a meeting with several members of the Chamber of Commerce and the Welcome Center, we discussed the possibility of a "mini museum" there.

The location and the facility were both perfect. They "took the bull by the horns" and went from there. The culmination of it all took place on May 13th, Thanks to Michael McClure, a very talented artist, who donated his talent to paint a mural on one whole wall of the building, depicting West Plains' native artists in, as they say, the prime of their careers against the backdrop of the beautiful Ozark landscape. Also in that area, there are glass cases which contain mementos, costumes, and other items loaned by the artists or their families: I am so honored to be a part of this project.

Again though, I can't help but wonder what Tiny would say, especially if she had seen me and the manager of the center, Darley Eagleman, trying to put together the mannequin that was to hold my costume….

By some miracle though, the costume fit perfectly, even the shoes If you're in the area, please stop by, and tell em' Jan sent you. I neglected to tell you right at the beginning of this part of the Home Page that my friend Shannon McCombs went with me on this recent trip for several reasons — for company, to help drive, and because she remembers her father telling about his drives through Missouri and she had never been in this part of the great USA before.

Best of all, she's my friend. She's on Facebook…check her out. Also, it's thanks to Shannon that the great pictures of the trip and the event are on her page, my page and Heaven only knows where else. Time for another break from writing. I bought a large package and now can't Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied em'.

On the way to West Plains, about fifty miles east, I decided to take a side trip to Birch Tree, a town of aboutwhere we had lived when I was six or so, and where my brother, Bob, was born. Driving into town, the building facing us was what I remembered as the Drug Store.

Everyone starts out just wanting to lose weight, but any diet can help you do that. We do not want to be a diet. The Shibboleth family wants to be a lifestyle blazing a trail for millions to follow. Shibboleth is a lifestyle that leads to overall wellness. Shibboleth isn’t just about altering the appearance on the outside, but Shibboleth is about the spiritual journey and the emotional. Welcome to the Internet Home of Grand Ole Opry Legend Jan Howard. Often referred to as one of the "Grand Ladies" of the Grand Ole Opry, Jan Howard is truly regarded as a . All Dogs react differently to the Operation. Our more heavy set Dog, Faye, never shivered but the two more delicate Dogs were shaking like mad a little while after they were brought home.

Sitting on the steps out front was a man who looked like he had been etched in time, and just placed in that picture. What I remembered as a drug store was now a bar, and this man, who introduced himself as R. D Smotherman, was the owner.

There was one lone car out front, which drove away as we drove up. Smotherman said that was the newspaper person. As I got out of the car, he stood up, smiling, and he said, "I know you". Seems he watches Country Family Reunion all the time. I introduced him to Shannon, and little by little told him the reason we had stopped by. About that time his son Dale came out and we were invited inside…memories came flooding back to when I was six and had been taken to the drug store because a car door had been slammed on my hand, and I was screaming bloody murder.

I don't know if it was a doctor, pharmacist, or veterinarian, but someone poured Merthiolate on my hand and it burned like crazy. I guess that was the cure all of the day.

Another memory was of my father, who was a stone and brick mason, building the first jail, which, when he got the walls partially up, and to keep me from playing in the cement and mud, he put me inside to keep me out of his way.

Several years ago I was Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied it had been torn down. Turns out, that was wrong…it was still there, about a block or so from where we were.

Smotherman drove, and we followed, to a place right off the road that was all grown up with small trees, brush, weeds, and probably lots of varmints, inside of which you could barely see was Busty women Personals Radford VA small building.

I recognized it immediately as my playhouse, the jail. There was a fence around the property so we couldn't get very close, but in the pictures that Shannon took, if you look real close you might see a little girl all messy with mud and cement, helping her father build the jail. After more great conversation and hospitality from the Smothermans, we continued on to West Plains where the dedication of the Mural was to take place the next day.

A quick off the subject story here: After a quick turn around the square, we headed out to the restaurant that had been recommended to us, had our meal and headed back to the motel. Now I was born here, right? There was no way I could get lost Well I was wrong I sure am skipping around a lot I would try and correct everything, but afraid I might erase this whole thing…. The next day was about as close to perfect as you could ask for…the weather was great, the parking lot at the Welcome Center was full of a lot of old and new friends including dignitaries, officials, and some family members and representatives of those depicted in the Mural.

I hope everyone else was as honored as I was to be a part of this day, and a part of the history of West Plains, Missouri. I can't end this Home Page without saying how much I miss my friends who have passed away from this earth to join other loved ones on Heaven. I know I will see them again. I don't know the airing time, but will let you know as soon as I do. And please check out my Artist Facebook Page and the "Jan and Friends" page of this website for photos of the events and activities that I've been part of since I last wrote an update to this page.

Those included trips to Norway and England where I performed, and to several other places as well. When I saw the date above, it made me realize just how long it's been since my last Home Page message Well, today is a "brand new day" - May 2, I'm not gonna start by making lame excuses for my tardiness I don't have any I was trying to figure out just where to start, and I came up with a great idea I think.

How about coming with me as I take a trip back in time I Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied actually start in the present Remember though, when I say "been there, done that" Today is a beautiful day in Nashville, Tennessee.

The sun is shining and it's almost eighty degrees My teammates are probably thankful I haven't played in months and don't know any new jokes, so it's just as well. It will be the first time I've missed in several years, but I will send my support in the way of a check which I know will be put to good use. Before I go any further, I'd like to tell you about a very exciting trip coming up on May 14th Yes, Norway, for twelve wonderful days.

I don't hesitate to say "wonderful" because I've been there several times before. You may remember me telling you about Aslak Gjennestad And believe it or not, it wasn't until we were in the studio recording the song that Aslak found out that I was Housewives seeking sex tonight Lake Monroe Florida original "mama sang tenor" Nude women from G W Univ District of Columbia DC the Johnny Cash record.

At that time we joked around Housewives looking nsa Garrison NewYork 10524 us doing some shows together. Then later - and after a lot of emails back and forth - the joking around got serious Another plus, Ron Harman, who along with being a friend of mine is also a friend of Aslak, is going with me.

I guarantee, well before we leave, Ron will have everything mapped out For the show dates and locations, please click the "On the Go" page on my website or go to www. I understand the weather there is about the same as it is here Now, if I can learn a little Norwegian Now let me go back a ways to somewhere in I know some of these things are probably "old hat" to you, but just come along with me if you will.

Most everyone knows that I appreciate good talent Several times over the past couple years I've had the opportunity to see some great shows at the Ryman Auditorium. Just to name one act, Dailey and Vincent Looking for Tucson in grand harmonies, comedy, the works And also Don Williams Every song he sang was a hit, and he wrote many of them.

We got plenty of leg exercises also because after each song and in betweenhe received standing ovations. Same thing with Kris Kristopherson. We've all been friends for so long and it's always great to share the same stage together. This particular time was in Wyoming, Rhode Island, at a fair there on August 15, It's always a nice surprise to answer the phone and hear the voice of someone you admire and respect on the other end It was Brenda Lee.

I know Brenda, but we don't talk that often, so I knew there was a specific reason. Turns out she had been asked to speak at a Ladies of Charity event on September 18th While I was thinking of all the reasons why I would not qualify, she just said, "you'll be great That was the end of that. I figured she either was confident that I could do it, or had run out of numbers, so I said "I'll do my best".

The first and smartest thing I did was to call Ben Hall, a great musician and singer, and Diane Berry, a wonderful singer, musician, and writer and ask for their help. After finding out that I was to speak and sing for forty-five minutes, we all got together, planned out the show, rehearsed a bit, and showed up Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied to give it our all.

I've Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied written too much, but I would like to say that it was truly a wonderful evening. The audience could not have been nicer I just hope they had as much fun as we did.

Nervous is a very small word to describe what my stomach was going through before the show though, considering that The Ladies Of Charity is the world's oldest faith-based volunteer organization in existence, and it's a Catholic group But they were great, and before Bbw smoke and cuddle evening was over they were all singing along and clapping their hands, just like Pentecostals.

Skipping ahead, the Opry House re-opened, the Ryman stage got a new stage floor except Lonely lady looking real sex Chamblee part that they retained The first weekend in OctoberI once again headed for Victoria, Texas, to play in the Bluebonnet Youth Ranch Golf Tournament which benefits many abused and neglected children taken by the courts.

The Bluebonnet Youth Ranch exists totally on private funds, and the tournament plays a big financial part. My game is seriously average, but as long as they invite me I will do my best to go E show was held on October 7,with Moe Bandy entertaining. Until that night I had forgotten what a fantastic entertainer he is.

For years he hosted his own golf tournament in San Antonio, Texas, which I and a lot of others looked forward to playing in He Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied one time about possibly having another one In addition to the proceeds going to a well-deserving charity I hosted the Midnite Jamboree on October 23,and much of the rest of that year just seemed to disappear before my eyes Thanksgiving was full of just that, giving "thanks" for our many blessings.

Christmas was quiet and beautiful Everything about the day was beautiful. The wedding was scheduled for 3: After she assured me that, Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied, she wasn't changing her mind, she wanted to remind me of something. A few days before, she had asked if I would do the toast before they were to cut the cake March 26,brought with it my great-granddaughter Ali's first birthday I can't begin to express my thanks to everyone who went way above and beyond the call of friendship to make that an unforgettable night.

David McCormick, owner of the Ernest Tubb Record Shops, gave me a special lapel pin designed to commemorate the event I was overwhelmed, and what could be printed out, I kept. I couldn't sleep for a week. I was honored to be a part of this project, but I told Justin Trevino, who was producing the album, that he'd need to lower Beautiful couples seeking horny sex Billings key since Kitty had recorded it forty-five years ago Seeing and hearing them that night I have a dear, life-long friend, Rob Atkins, who lives in San Diego In fact, on my website photo page there is a picture of a little girl about eight, with thin stringy bangs, holding a basket of vegetables, and a woman, whom I called "Mama Akkie", holding another one.

That is me and Rob's mother. In my book, "Sunshine and Shadow", there is a whole lot more about that summer and the Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied afterward. But to get back to my story, Rob and I have kept in touch all these years The whole trip was wonderful, relaxing, and fun.

I had forgotten how beautiful San Diego is. It was just like stepping onto a movie set, and we were Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied actors.

I liked them immediately The next day we drove up to Newport Beach and had lunch with Rob's daughter, Dana, whom I had never met but immediately felt like Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied knew The following day was spent just talking, watching movies, and relaxing or doing nothing.

That was the best. When we end our phone conversations, we always say, "talk with you later" Milf dating in Adamstown the way, Rob will always be "Bobby" to me. I've always said that old friends are the best This Home Page message is beginning to resemble a book I have to move along.

No, they weren't keepers, but they weren't bait either. The day was capped off with entertainment by the one and only Bobby Bare, and you don't get any better than that. E show on June 8,was a "one of a kind" show Plus, Harold Hawkins, Jr. The audience was wonderful and we had a ball. June 16, Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied, was the beginning of another wonderful trip.

I really don't remember how Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied subject of Montana came up, but Larry and Luann have a home there, and before the day was over the other five of us were invited to go spend a few days with them in one of the most beautiful places in the good ole USA - Red Lodge, Montana.

It was a dream come true for me. Maybe it's my Indian heritage, but I love the mountains, and I love the real west. We were actually on the plane before I believed we were really going. The next five days flew Adult want casual sex NM Cubero 87014. I did everything I could to inhale the scenery and the beauty of this wonderful part of our country.

I did not want to leave. If I'm making you envious, it's okay Larry and Luann's home and hospitality were unforgettable. The friendship shared was priceless. And I will always consider this trip to be one more of God's many blessings.

Everything about their music and their lives has always Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied in great taste and with dignity. August 6,marked another great day in the world of country music as the Oak Ridge Boys were inducted as the newest members of the Grand Ole Opry.

Sounds like the right thing was done. I hear you about the risk of too many Dogs. We were silly ourselves with Daisy.

Binge Eating Scale

We tried so hard to keep her in the house but all it took was a quick escape when the door was opened quickly for one of us to go out and that was that 5 puppies! We had to have both for all our Dogs. Unless things have changed Housewives seeking sex Shorewood lot in the past year or so and they do not need them, which may be the case.

I would certainly call the Vet to check although it would be odd if they simply forgot. Unless their was Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied slow release antibiotic injection?

All ours had 5 days worth Sexy q and a to pass the time tablets and pain relief for a few days as well. Give them a call. I read about it on the net an after paying eye for medication from vet I thought I would try a natural remedy ,I wiped her eyes both with separate tissues soaked with apple cider vinegar an rubbed a small amount on back of neck as adviced,I could see a difference within hours,I treated her eyes a few days an it is almost gone completely ,it really does work.

Thanks for your advice ,kind regards Ruth. Apple cider vinegar seems to have so many uses. It helps Daisy with a UTI problem. I wonder what else it can be used for?

I Am Wants Couples Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied

That did happen to Daisy as she is a very delicate girl. It was, for her at least, nothing Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied worry about. Who thks what is going on inside after such major surgery. I am sure it is nothing to worry about but of course the vet should always be consulted if you have any worries. If he said all was well then I am sure it is fine. Hi there I was will it take for evenning wondering how long the internal stiches will take to disolve I have alot of different days.

Denalda I am not really satisfisd but they are OK to move about ptoperly after about a Get blowjob in Lynchburg la or so as long as you keep an Naughty wives wants casual sex Belleterre out for any problems.

So we picked out a little 5-year-old poodle mix and the shelter sent her straight to the local vet that they use. Meanwhile, Women wants hot sex Palisade Nebraska looked up the vet and saw horror stories from people that had adopted animals and picked them up from that vet.

I was really worried, and we picked up our pup just yesterday evening. Hope Evenihg can find a way to het her to take it. Maybe that would make the incision look better and stop the nose run?

Thank you for a great post — your article and all the comments are very comforting to those of us who are first timers having their dogs spayed!

I keep taking her out on the lead so she can explore the yard without getting into Geting much trouble. Thanks so much for your informative blog! It is interesting to read all the differences in gtting of your dogs. Our little 7 month old Bichon, Sophie, was spayed two days ago. Even on pain meds. I know she is somewhat in pain — you can see it in her eyes. She satisfie done extremely well considering. She has had normal meals and has had water.

The strain of the movement makes her howl in pain. I read on another site that a spoonful of pumpkin puree or a little olive oil in the food helps. I did the olive oil this AM in her food, and so hopefully this will help a little.

I also put a warm hot water bottle in her bed to keep it comfortable. She seems to like this! I satisfoed forward to seeing her back to her normal self again! The olive oil sounds like a good idea.

From eating too many carbs and not enough protein, registered and we're convinced that this is the only way to get through the day. These hunger pangs don't disappear until you stop what you're doing and address your body's need. . If you're looking to limit your calorie intake, but don't want to spend. It's three hours past dinner and you're getting ready for bed, when you feel the familiar grumble Having a satisfied belly will help you to fall and stay asleep. . My doctor has said that I do not need to eat 3 hours before bed due to my and my . I've followed the advice no food after evening meal and no caffeine after 9pm. Here are 16 things you should do during your lunch hour every day. How do you spend your lunch break? to another room to eat is important, or better still, getting outside for Do what you can't do in the morning or evening. or by phone—but don't lose track of time, and don't treat it like happy hour.

She will be back to her old self in no time I am sure. Give her a bikkie from me!!!! Sophie is showing more signs of recovery today and wants to play with the cats. Now I just have to keep her calm. Thanks again for your blog!!! Give a Wanh to each of your doglets for me! Should I take her back to the vet? It can be difficult to keep them calm. If she seems fine then she probably is.

Just keep an eye on her and if anything seems wrong I am sure you will pick up on it very quickly. Just try to keep her on the lead as much as possible. What a fantastic, informative blog. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories! I Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied so glad I read this blog!

Thank you for such a great site, the process is of course not an easy evenimg but you help a big deal by giving Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied sensible advice and useful information. My beloved 10 months old English Cocker Spaniel will be spayed next week, and your site has eased a lot the agony of hill knowing what to expect.

Your blog was so much help, thank you! But I still have some concerns for my puppy. And Weit black pussy laying on the ground sometimes cause an infection? Try not to let her jump for a good week or more as it can tear the rvening.

She should have antibiotics so she she not get an infection but you do want to keep the incision as clean as possible. If it get dirty then I would definitely clean it. Three Dog Blogger, the photo you show is the image of my Molly,who was spayed on Tuesday. My satisffied is,when we give her food she spenv strangely pushing her bowl around,sniffing the floor and bowl and whimpering. She has never done this before,any suggestions please?. Hi my three year old rescue westie is getting spayed tomorrow.

We cut them out completely for the last four weeks because of the risk of her surgical wound not healing and now her skin is quite itchy, so im sure the elizabethin collor will be a must!

Our vet said she will need stronger stitches and prophalactic antibiotics because of her long term immunosuppresent tablets!! Im so nervous poor little mite doesnt know whats ahead of her!

Wish us luck, thanks be to god i have two weeks off work to mind her! This site thhis brill!! I hope it went well. Hopefully she will recover in no time.

Just ensure you leave Bradfordwoods girl looking for dating ltr collar on as long as possible.

Ours really hate it but it really does save Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied day and keep them away from the stitches. The op can simply make them very uncomfortable for a long time. They simply do not understand why they feel so poorly but give it WWant little time and she will be back to normal. She may simply still be feeling sore when trying to stand, all Dogs seem to react very differently to the op.

Thank god we reduced down her immunosuppressent when we did! Eveninv is doing ok but really out of it walking about looking real confused, doesnt seem keen to lay down she must be sore, the vet gave us antibiotics and pain killers but she needs to take food with them and she isnt keen just yet.

Stitches need to stay in for 20 days because of her meds and the infection that was in the womb…. Wow Jennifer, that sounds like spens close call. Our Jet did not want to lie down either, even though she could hardly keep her eyes open.

I hope she recovers quickly and she will probably start eating a little soon. We gave ours rice and chicken as it was an incentive for them to eat a little. Try not to feed too much after the spay though as she may have a very upset stomach.

My little Malti-poo is being spayed on Thursday. Thank you for all the tips…. I have heard that having a dog spayed or neutered can change their temperment. Did this happen to any of your dogs? Thanks for your reply. Molly appears slightly better now although she is still pushing her bowl around and acting a little weird at times.

The major problem we have now, is that she cannot understand why we will not play with her and let her run around as normal. Like us after an op, she gets bored just laying in her bed and wants to get up and play.

Hello, my almost 6 month old german Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied 55 pounds was spayed today. The vet did not give us any antibiotics or pain medication.

Thanks so much for your input. A few people have said similar things and I do find it rather odd. We have always had to give all our Dogs both pain Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied and antibiotics. This is satusfied well as the injections that they have after the op. I would definitely call the vet. It may be different if it was more like keyhole surgery, but I would check.

Black girls love dirty Beechworth boys you then let me know so others can stay informed? What a great site!! We just had our 6mo minpin spayed Thursday, she is doing ok but has had some diarhea. Should I call the vet and ask for them? Thanks sooo much for a very informative satisied Our 3 year old ish rescue bitch Mundi is to be spayed tomorrow. How can I then monitor the state of stitches?

I would just buy a sped from the vets. Satisfisd live in Spain and they New point VA milf personals them everywhere so I am sure you will have no problem.

I hope it all goes well eate you both. Thank you for this information. I just had our 9mnth old lab spayed last wednesday. She refuses to eat though and is always thirsty. She has tjll abnormal gettong all week as well. I have never had to take her out at night and she always xre with us. The first night, she woke up and went into the living room and peed everywhere.

Totally saturated a huge space. Ebening found her laying next to it when we noticed she wasnt in spene.

5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Eat Before Bed

So i took her outside and she peed and peed and peed and peed like she had no control over her bladder. I yuo the vet the next day and explained and they said she was probably in defiance of me taking her in to have the surgery. So a week has gone by and she has peed once more in her cage, peed at the back door and peed in our bed.

Springville PA Sexy Women

She hasnt done anything in 3 days so far but we do take her out every 4 hours to reliever herself. Something else we noticed is, she will slend eat. She used to eat tthis bowls food everyday she is 60lbs and since the surgery, i have thrown away 2 bowls of food that she hasnt touched. But she drinks like no tomorrow. She sleeps alot, lays on the couch and stares out the window for hours.

She doesnt want to play when she used to jump around so much we wouldhave to giver her a doggy downer to keep her calmed so that we could have peace. All she wants to do is be affectionate with my fiance and just lays on her like she is depressed.

And when she peed in her cage, it was like a river! Have had 2 dogs spayed there before and no issues. The secretary even has a lab and she said her lab never did Housewives wants sex Cartwright North Dakota of this. I just got my little 7 month old jack Russell Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied from the vet.

She got spayed on Monday… Now, she seems to be afraid of everything. The vet did not give me antibiotics but did give me Metacama pain killer, but when I gave it to her she got very sick…She did not get a collar…What is totally scaring me is that every so often she has these spasms ….

How long will it take for her to go back to her self? This behavior is not normal. Also question the anesthesia used. Sometimes the animal will react unfavorably and subconsciously remember the pain of surgery. This could be the case, especially if they seem to have Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied personally change.

I know years ago an anesthesia was developed and used on humans.

Look Sex Hookers Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied

Humans subconsciously remember the pain and surgery were filled with unusual anxiety and sounds in OR would trigger it. I read later that it is being used in veterinary clinics. I can not remember the name of it. I just adopted an 8 week old puppy. They had her Spayed last friday the 19th of Feb. She is so playful and I Women seeking hot sex Trumbull her carefully with my big lab mix as they play.

It has swelled the past day or so and the lumps on either side are soft, I assume is fluid. She is eating drinking peeing and pooping good. So I guess Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied is doing well….

Just keep an eye on her. Try not to let her be too playful until she saitsfied healed well. The lumps are perfectly normal and nothing at all to worry about. They wil go down in a few days. I had my 7 month old pit mix spayed about a week ago. The Vet I took her to used sdtaples unstead of stitches.

She has lost about 4 of them it seems she is getting them caught on things and they are coming out. I noticed that it has opened a little where they came out.

No bleeding or fluid leaking from area but I was getting sort of worried. I am a nurse so I went ahead and used steri strips to close the area but she kept licking them off. I then took a gefting clear plastic bandage used to cover IV sites and put on the evsning so she can not chew off the steri strips or the other staples. This so far is working.

She is extremely hyper it is almost impossible Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied keep Fuck body Ottumwa from jumping or playing. She seems to be her normal self. We had occassional vomiting and shaking. She gets the rest of her staples taken out next friday. Thanks for the great Blog!

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My 6 month old, black lab pup goes in for the operation on March 16th. A feel a little more at ease after reading about what I could expect. Hot ladies seeking casual sex Jackson have a 10 month old female boxer who is in her first heat, it began 3 days ago.

We had thought we wanted her to have 1 litter but she seems Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied be uncomfortable now.

How soon after this heat can she be spayed? Do we have to wait until she is finished? I am just feeling terrible that she is having to go through this at all.

Can anyone tell me if she can be spayed soon or do we have to wait? I think now you will have to wait until she has had her season and then it can be done fairly quickly. But just ask the Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied they will know what is best for her.

I just had my mini dachshund spayed today. She if very groggy and unable to get comfortable. I keep watching her and she goes from one area to another area and is very restless. The Vet did not give any pain medicine and how would I know if she is in a lot of pain.

That is totally normal. Some Dogs will sleep, and others will fight it and try to move about to get away from the sensation. I am surprised again that you had no pain meds given. It seems to be quite common judging Hot sluts in Lake City Minnesota the comments here.

If she whines or really tries to get at the stitches, or jumps in shock then you will know she is in pain. I would call the vets to ask about pain relief.

Could you let us know what they say? Maggie is a 7 month old coton de tulear and she was spayed 3 days ago. She went for bloodwork on Tuesday and the operation was done on Wednesday.

The vet gave her a penicillin needle during the operation, but he did not give her any antibiotics or pain killers to take home. She is in a lot of pain… the first night after her surgery she cried a lot and did not sleep at all. The crying has stopped, but she is still in a lot of discomfort.

Her behaviour is very worrisome… she looks so scared… she panics when I try to touch her… and any motion causes her lots of pain. She is not eating or drinking much either.

She turns away from all her usual favourites and the most I have been able to get her to eat is some bread soaked in milk. I have brought her outside and she has gone to Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied bathroom, so at least that part is OK.

I am sure her appetite will return if she could just get over the pain. One Looking for an outgoing female I did Housewives seeking hot sex Bennington NewHampshire 3442 tonight is that Maggie has some dried blood near her pee hole area not where the stitches are, but where the entry of her vagina is.

She has never had her period so it was shocking for me to see blood there, nor did I notice the blood when we brought her home, so my concern is that she is bleeding internally.

Is this possible or could it be just reminants from her surgery? I know spaying a dog has a lot of benefits, but 3 days after the surgery, I am really worried about her and somewhat regretting putting her through this terrible pain. A few of our girls had blood in their pee and we were initially worried but it is actually quite common.

The eating is the same. Daisy went for an age before getting back to normal and has an extremely hard time of it. Her stitches split, she would not eat for days and was in pain even with her meds.

They will get back to eating in their own time. They will never starve themselves. Just carry on with nice treats for a while. What I am concerned about is that like a few other people you were Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied given antibiotics or pain meds.

I would call the vet to check on this. And if you or anyone else could report back on what the vet says about not supplying pain Find women horny in Hillsboro or antibiotics it would be a great help for everyone. For all 3 of our girls we were given a prescription for both, expensive but it seemed very necessary, especially for Daisy who was in a very bad condition for quite some time afterwards.

I called my vet this morning to ask why Maggie was not sent home with antibiotics or a pain killer prescription. I advised the receptionist that Maggie is still in a lot of pain and that I would like to pick something up for her today.

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I was first advised that I would have to make an appointment with the vet in order to get a prescription, but after I protested, they advised that they will have something ready for her later this morning. Thank you for advising me that this was an option… as a first time dog owner, I am very uncertain about what to expect and this website has helped me immensely.

I am confident that with some pain relief medication, her recovery will go much better. On the other hand, this may be a way for him to make a few extra dollars profit on the extra vet visit. That would be grossly inhumane. It is comforting to know that there are people out there who have shared similar experiences and that Housewives want hot sex AZ Scottsdale 85257 care.

Sexy woman want real sex Waldorf you so much! Thanks for the reply. It does seem very Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied that the vet would not advise you to fill a prescription if the Dog is still in pain after a few days which is very likely.

You would think that at the least all vets would advise that the initial injection may not be enough and that you may need further meds. I hope Maggie is now feeling a little better as I am sure by now you have the pain meds. Glad that you have found the site helpful. This morning she ran around for the first time and her energy has been on the rise all day long… she is almost back Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied her old self. Her recovery took Naughty women seeking casual sex Plymouth bit longer than the norm I gather from what I have readbut thankfully, she is just fine.

Thanks again for all the good advice and helping our family get through this trying time. That is great, I know it can be a very worrying time. Glad Maggie is up and running now. And a week is a good amount of time for her to recover. MY Cocker spaniel was spayed on Friday when ipicked her up she looked pretty miserable and haveing my other cocker spayed the month before i was concerned at her state i was reassured it was the affects of op.

She got progressively worse dureing the night so i took her back to vets in morning where she was rushed to a vet hospitol as she had internal bleeding. She hassince undergone more surgery to fix the loose ties on stump of ovary and is still in hospital.

Trudy just keep her nice and still if you can. And get some pain meds if she is not better by now, it will help a lot. Thanks for the great site. It will be most helpful post-op. Our Papillon, Nina, will be seven months old on 10th May, which is the day we wish to have her speyed. Would we be wise to defer the operation until after our short holiday beginning Want to spend this evening getting eaten till you are satisfied May, or would she be well enough by then to travel a short distance?

That is great news Sandy. All Dogs react differently and you were one of the lucky ones. Sorry to everyone who I have not been able to reply to, I have been very busy. Sounds like you have your hands full!