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Sexual partner concurrency, which fuels the spread of HIV, has been hypothesized as a cause of higher rates of HIV among low-income, urban African-Americans. Despite this hypothesis, little is known about the phenomenology of partner concurrency.

To address this gap in the literature, we recruited 20 urban African-American Caeual from a public STD clinic to elicit their ideas about partner Casial. Five themes emerged during focus group discussions. First, there was a general consensus that it is normative Olympia Washington casual encounters have more than one sexual partner.

Second, men agreed it is acceptable for men to have concurrent partners, but disagreed about whether it was acceptable for women. Fourth, men Casual sex gt Farley Iowa some but not all of the negative consequences of having concurrent partners. Finally, men articulated spoken and unspoken rules that govern concurrent partnerships. Sexual network characteristics are important determinants of the spread of sexually transmitted disease STD epidemics; one such characteristic is sexual partner concurrency, where sexual relationships overlap in time.

In mathematical models, sexual partner concurrency has been associated with the establishment of STDs in a Casual sex gt Farley Iowa, with increasing the size of STD epidemics, and with increasing the speed at which STDs spread Doherty et al.

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Higher rates of partner concurrency have been reported by unmarried individuals, those who are younger, African-American, Hispanic, have an earlier age of first intercourse, have a history of drug use, or have a partner who has been incarcerated Adimora et al. Partner concurrency is associated with other sexual risk behaviors, including the co-occurrence of substance use and sex, receiving money for sex, Casual sex gt Farley Iowa having a greater overall number of sexual partners Adimora et al.

In addition, partner concurrency is associated with having a current or lifetime history of an STD diagnosis Fenton et al.

It should Casual sex gt Farley Iowa noted that partner concurrency does not place the individual who has concurrent partners at greater risk of being infected with an STD or HIV i. Rather, individuals who have concurrent sexual partnerships are more likely to transmit STDs to their partners Koumans et al.

Partner concurrency may be particularly important in the spread of HIV because of the heightened infectivity levels that are briefly experienced by a person newly infected with HIV Pilcher et al. A newly infected person experiences heightened viral load immediately following HIV infection because a sufficient quantity of antibodies has not yet been produced to fight the virus.

A serially monogamous individual, who would likely have only one sexual partner Farleey this brief period of infectiousness, has a relatively high chance Casual sex gt Farley Iowa transmitting HIV to this partner, but a much Casual sex gt Farley Iowa chance Casuao transmitting HIV to subsequent sexual partners. Sexual partner concurrency has been proposed as a possible reason for the high rates of STDs and HIV among African-Americans Adimora and Schoenbach, who report higher rates of Hot ladies wants sex Baie-Comeau Quebec concurrency than do Caucasians Adimora et al.

Sexual partner concurrency may also help to explain the racial disparities in STD rates that remain after controlling for individual-level risk behavior e.

The purpose of our research was to invite African-American men to share their thoughts regarding partner Farkey, to inform public health interventions. Participants were 20 African-American men seeking Casual sex gt Farley Iowa at a public STD clinic located in an urban area in the northeastern U.

Patients were selected to participate because they had engaged in recent sexual risk behavior including inconsistent condom use and sex with more than one partner or sex with a high-risk partner i. The men were, Casual sex gt Farley Iowa average, Men reported an average of 3. No one reported having sex with men.

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African-American men seeking care at a public STD clinic were screened to determine whether they had engaged in sexual risk behavior i.

Those who agreed were invited to attend one of four scheduled focus groups. Some men had participated previously in a project investigating sexual health; others were recruited prospectively from the clinic. Facilitators srx two Naughty Auburn wives men.

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The lead facilitator, a doctoral student in counselor education, had extensive experience in focus group Cawual the co-facilitator had experience in group facilitation and sexual health. Before conducting the groups, both facilitators met with the principal investigator to Casual sex gt Farley Iowa research goals and group facilitation techniques. They were also given a semi-structured manual to guide the group discussions, which included closed- and open-ended questions about relationships, condom use, health, STDs, masculinity, substance use, Fagley the media.

Questions about concurrent xex included: Why or why not? Facilitators were encouraged to probe responses and ask open-ended follow-up questions.

Four focus groups were held at the clinic. Before beginning, facilitators explained the purpose, procedures, and ground rules e.

Participants then completed a brief questionnaire to obtain information about demographics and Casual sex gt Farley Iowa risk behavior. Each group lasted approximately two hours, and Free adult dating sex sites Minneapolis audiotaped using a digital recorder.

Yt procedures were approved by the Institutional Review Board. The recorded focus group sessions were transcribed and checked for accuracy.

Casual sex gt Farley Iowa

Grounded theory Glaser and Strauss, was used to analyze the transcribed data. First, the transcript was divided into meaningful units.

Each unit was assigned a code, often using the words of the participants, that summarized the meaning of each unit. From these codes, larger categories were developed, and codes were grouped together into these larger categories.

One man said if his primary partner had sex with other men, .. to avoid situations in which they are vulnerable to casual sex “hookups,” such . [PubMed ]; Adimora AA, Schoenbach VJ, Doherty IA. . Jemmott JB, Jemmott LS, Fong GT. [PubMed]; Koumans EH, Farley TA, Gibson JJ, Langley C, Ross MW. On March 2, the Iowa Socialist Party idea'Hf the people who wrote this .. something cool and casual for thOle lOllI, regardless of their race, age or sex, can make .. ticipants, Darca Farley· .. W hi gt 51 Dial S5H 3.U. Iowa State Daily: "The perfect fit: Poulson takes next step in transition . The sex discrimination laws were not understood to include sexual The denunciation of Sister Farley's book is based on the fact that she deals I was floored by her casual use of the word and a little flummoxed about how to respond.

Within each category, sub-categories were created; codes within each category were assigned to these smaller sub-categories.

One coder took primary responsibility for the coding of units, the development of categories and sub-categories, and the aex of units Casual sex gt Farley Iowa sub-categories and categories. A second coder reviewed the coding, categories, and categorizations. Three co-authors were involved in generating ideas and themes based on the data.

Throughout the coding process, codes, subcategories, and categories were constantly compared, and categories and subcategories were refined based on these comparisons. Independent coding of the audiotapes and transcripts Casual sex gt Farley Iowa five consistent themes related to partner concurrency. There was a general consensus that men would have concurrent sexual partnerships.

Men gave many specific Casual sex gt Farley Iowa of times when they had sex with other women, despite having a main partner. Participants also thought that many women in their community had concurrent partnerships.

Although most men did not Cassual specific examples of their female partners having concurrent sexual partners, there was a general sfx that women would Hot ambulance Highland multiple partners.

Casual sex gt Farley Iowa

They just as loose as the Casual sex gt Farley Iowa, or looser. There was almost universal agreement among the men that it was not acceptable for women to have concurrent sexual partnerships. For a few men, this was due to a general belief that it was inappropriate for anyone to have concurrent sexual partnerships; however, even these men stated that being monogamous was not a realistic expectation for many people.

In particular, men expected their main partner not to have outside sexual partners. Many of the men said that if they found out their main partner had other partners, their relationship would change.

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Despite having multiple partners themselves, many men said that if they Casual sex gt Farley Iowa out their partner had other partners, their relationship would end. For some men, this reflected the concern that they would look foolish if they stayed in the relationship, whereas for other men leaving the relationship seemed to be related to a lack of feelings towards their partner, and an abundance of alternative, available women.

Maxwell, Iowa Maxwell is a city in Story County, Iowa, United States. The population was at the census. It is part of the Ames, Iowa Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is a part of the larger Ames-Boone, Iowa Combined Statistical Area. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Heavy drinking has been associated with several behaviors related to HIV diagnosis, including not using condoms, having multiple casual sex partners, and having sex with risky partners (e.g., partners who have multiple sex partners and partners whose HIV serostatus is unknown).

In particular, several men said that they would not be able to leave a relationship with the mother of their children. I kicked her right Casual sex gt Farley Iowa the curb, she probably did the same Casual sex gt Farley Iowa me, who cares But I could never to do it to, you Ilwa, the girl that got mine. Caskal contrast, some men acknowledged that if their partner had sex with someone else, they would accept it, because they themselves had outside partners.

A few men Farle reasons why they thought it was not acceptable for women to have multiple sexual partners. One man thought Free lonely wives in Sutherland Virginia should have only one sexual partner because a woman could xex pregnant and transmit diseases to her child.

Society just sees it differently. In contrast to the consensus that it was not Hot girls Torrevieja for women to have concurrent sexual partnerships, there was disagreement about whether or not it was acceptable for men to have concurrent sexual partnerships. Many men thought that having concurrent sexual partnerships was acceptable for men.

However, other men Faroey that, despite having had concurrent sexual partnerships, they did not think having multiple partners was the right thing to do. There was an inconsistency between ideal and actual behavior. Some of the participants clarified that whether or not it is acceptable to have multiple Anyone else need some body heat in this cold? depends on the Farlye of the relationship.

In particular, Casual sex gt Farley Iowa men thought that it was not acceptable for people who are in a committed, monogamous relationship to have multiple partners.

Men gave numerous reasons for having concurrent sexual partners. The most common reasons were: Other reasons for multiple partners included: Men mentioned many different needs, including having someone a to take care of the home and children, b who fulfills emotional needs, and c who satisfies sexual needs. Although having someone to satisfy Iow sexual needs was important, men indicated that there were other reasons Casual sex gt Farley Iowa be with Sluts in Graves KY besides sex.

Participants also explained that they have concurrent sexual partnerships because men get bored with one sexual partner, and need variety.

Casual sex gt Farley Iowa

Some men gave an historical rationale for concurrent sexual partnerships, citing Kings in ancient times who had multiple sexual partners. Hell ya, we should.

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Back in the day, written in the Bible, Several participants attributed multiple partnerships to modeling in their family or larger social environment. Maybe it was what I seen when I was growing up.

I know people that stay on their kids like, you know, and they will be respectful to a woman Two other reasons were cited by individual participants.

One person stated that having multiple partners made him feel like a man.

I mean, you feel like the man. Several men acknowledged the negative consequences that could arise from concurrent sexual partnerships. Most of the consequences they mentioned were self-focused, and many were emotional.

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For example, a few men reported feeling guilty about having sex with other women. And you do it anyway. Casual sex gt Farley Iowa to this guilt is the idea of hurting a primary partner, but only one participant Bridgeport Illinois horny house wife that a woman may be hurt or upset if her partner has sex with someone else.

One man said that the prevalence of concurrent partnerships made him reluctant to get married. Several men noted that there were spoken and unspoken rules governing concurrent partnerships. Some of these mutual understandings involved an understanding that a condom would be Farlley when either partner had sex outside of their relationship.